Fashion Fraud Squad: Beaded handbags by Maje & Sportsgirl

knockoff-beaded-handbagKudos to Officer Emma for this excellent bit of Fraud Squad detective work! The Majae ‘Jelica’ bag on the left of the image above is an older design and now out of stock at Net-a-Porter, where it was selling for £105, but Emma wasn’t the only one to remember it: looks like Sportsgirl have some fond memories of it too, because their ‘Zimba’ clutch certainly bears a startling resemblance to it, no?

The colours on the Sportsgirl back are less vivid, but the pattern is more or less identical. The price, not so much: this is $59.99 AUD.

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  • August 25, 2009


    At least the beadwork on the Majae bag is fairly even.

    The Sportsgirl clutch exemplifies everything bad about junky machine beading.

    As someone who has done beadwork professionally, that cheap clutch really makes me wince.


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