Attack of the Hybrid Clothes: The Uni-Pant is a skirt and pants in one


We woke up this morning to a red alert from Officer Nadine, who emailed us to report that the situation with Hybrid Clothes – clothes that are both one thing and another at the same time – was getting dangerously out of control. She was right.

Last week The Fashion Police apprehended this half-dress/half jacket by Comme des Garcons. It turned out that this was just the tip of the iceberg: the Hybrid Clothes are out there, people, and they’re breeding. The picture above shows the unfortunate aftermath of a skirt breeding with a pair of pants. It’s the "Uni-Pant" and it’s actually worse than it at first appears because the skirt is no ordinary skirt, but is actually a SKORT.  We can’t imagine any possible situation in which this type of hybrid garment could possibly constitute "appropriate wear". Well, OK, maybe if one of your legs was in plaster and you had absolutely no choice in the matter. But other than that: it’s a crime of fashion.

Have you spotted any pieces of Hybrid Clothing recently? Report them to The Fashion Police

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