Crimes of London Fashion Week: Ann Sofie Back’s ‘thong skirt”

Thongs Yes, you are reading that headline correctly. It does, indeed, say "thong skirt". And yes, you are now looking at a skirt made completely out of thongs. Welcome to London Fashion Week, folks, and welcome to the Ann Sofie Back show, which featured pixelated prints of Britney Spear’s crotch and clothes which used thongs for shoulder straps. Seriously, you could not make this stuff up.

We reckon this may just be the best Crime of Fashion ever to feature on these pages. And before you all start commenting to tell us we’re missing the point – yes, we know it’s supposed to be funny. It’s supposed to be humorous. And it is – oh it is! Well, what else would you expect from a catwalk show that was dedicated to Heat magazine?

[via Catwalk Queen]


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