(Fashion) Criminal Damage & other crimes of fashion:

This look is by Criminal Damage, which is a good name for the brand that brings us this:

Criminal Damage chocolate wrapper sweatpants and top

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This “I made it by cobbling chocolate wrappers together” look is yet another step forward for the “clothes that look like food packets” trend.  We never would have thought there would come a time when there would be a ‘Food Packet’ trend, but it’s here, and it’s growing: we must be ever vigilant. We’re not sure we’d have been on board with this outfit even if it DIDN’T depict chocolate wrappers, mind you, but if you love it, you can buy both sweatpants and top at ASOS.

Elsewhere around the web, and arguably ALSO counting as (fashion) criminal damage, our officers unearthed this:

fashion crime: window skirt

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It’s been a while since we arrested a window skirt quite this… windowy… and we’d actually hoped the look had died out. That turned out to be wishful thinking, obviously, but we’re hopeful that this skirt is the leader of the Window Skirt Movement, and that without its guidance, other similar skirt criminals will surrender peacefully. As for this one, it particularly attracted our attention because the little “modesty” panel at the top looks shorter than even the shortest of mini skirts, making it seem particularly difficult to actually WEAR…

Finally, along similarly confusing lines comes this apron skirt by Cheap Monday:

apron skirt

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As with the window skirt, this isn’t a new idea. That doesn’t stop us wanting to arrest it, however, and nor does it stop us asking the question: why can’t fashion designers just let skirts be skirts? Why do they insist on trying to keep on “fixing” something that isn’t broken? And when – WHEN – will this trend for ugly shoes ever go away?

What do you think? Can we send this lot straight to the cells, or would anyone like to enter a plea on their behalf?

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