Fashion Criminal:Claudia Schiffer at Valentino’s 45th Anniversary Gala


Whoops. Looks like Claudia Schiffer missed the memo about dresses with cut-away bodices. They’ll make an expensive dress look cheap every time, Claudia, and yes, we know your stomach is still flatter than the flattest pancake, but that’s no reason to rip up your dress and tie it together again to falunt it now, is it?


  • July 9, 2007

    lil pile of tin

    isn’t that the same dress sela ward wore to an awards show (i think it was the emmys or the globes) a couple of years ago?

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  • July 9, 2007


    I have never liked Claudia – never understood how she got to be a supermodel with knock knees and thick ankles, overbite and small eyes!
    Only she could manage to crucify a Valentino…

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    • September 13, 2014


      cross-eyed eyes…overbite horse teeth and cleft chin….

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  • July 10, 2007


    so-called supermodel

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