Fashion Crimes of Winter – a list

Holiday_sweaterWhen it comes to fashion seasons, we’re inclined to think summer is the worst for flushing out the fashion criminals. Too-short shorts, underwear-as-outerwear, Crocs – they all seem to be more prevalent than usual during the summer months, but that doesn’t mean winter is a fashion crime-free zone. Far from it, in fact.

Here’s a short, and totally subjective list of what we consider to be the worst fashion crimes commonly spotted in winter. Feel free to add to it…

1. Holiday themed clothing and accessories

Yes, we know you’re looking forward to Christmas. So are we. Christmas is fun! But holiday sweaters, novelty socks and Christmas tree earrings? Not so much, really.  The first two belong on children and only on children. The third belong only on office Christmas party attendees who’ve had a few too many glasses of the free punch. And the scary snowman pictured above? Belongs on no-one

2. Summer clothing during winter

If you live in a hot place, or are experiencing unseasonably warm weather then by all means, break out the sandals and strappy sun-dresses. If it’s the middle of December, it’s snowing and you’re out with bare legs and a sleeveless top, however, you won’t look cool, you’ll just be cool. Freezing, in fact. And yes, we know winter woolies can play havoc with your sense of style, but trust us, hypothermia isn’t a good look on anyone…

3. Peep toe boots

We know they have their fans, but we just can’t get on board with this look, no matter how hard we try. Even if you wear them with tights (which kind of defeats the purpose to be honest), is it really so important to expose your toes to the icy-air?

4. Down at heel Uggs/fake Uggs

You’ll notice we’re not adding Ugg boots in general to this list, and that may well prove to be controversial, but we think they can be practical when it’s super-cold, and sometimes you just have to be practical. What we really can’t stand, though, is that look you get when your Uggs are a little too big for you and your foot ends up falling off the sole, creating a weird “overlap” where your heel hits the ground and gets all muddy. Does anyone know what we’re talking about here? We’d also happily ban the plethora of cheap-looking market stall “Uggs” that come in all kind of weird, shiny colours and fabrics, and are generally worn with fake Juicy Couture track suits. Not good.

5. ???

OK, we couldn’t think of a number 5, so we’re handing it over to you, the readers. What do you think is the biggest fashion crime seen during the winter months? Leave us a comment and we’ll add the most popular suggestion to the list!

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