Fashion Crimes of the Week: Pom Poms and Denim

pom pom cardigan

pom pom cardigan and distressed dungarees

For as long as The Fashion Police have been in existence, one of our most hated crimes of fashion has always been something we refer to as the “Dress Like a Toddler” trend. This is, in case you haven’t guessed, when grown women (and men) wear clothing that wouldn’t look out of place on a three year old – but which DOES look just a little bit out of place on the aforementioned grown adult. Now, we’re not saying that as soon as you reach maturity you have to start dressing all “sensible”, and wearing the kind of clothes your grandma might approve of: we’re just never going to understand why people willingly infantilise themselves with their clothing. And we’re never going to. Look, we’ve been writing this blog for ten years now and we STILL don’t get it, even after dozens of comments from people telling us how WRONG we are, and how AWESOME it is to climb  into a giant onesie at the end of the day. Sorry, toddler-clothing fans.

Which brings us to this little combo from ASOS. We think they’re reached peak “Dress Like a Toddler” with this one: we guess the only difference is that the toddler probably couldn’t be persuaded to wear the cardigan for too long – can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be trying to sit or lie down in that thing, with all of those pom poms sticking into your back?

Another thing we’ve never been able to get on board with is the flagrant mis-use of denim, as evidenced by Marques Almeida:

ruffled denim fashion crimeruffled denim fashion crimeruffled denim fashion crimeruffled denim fashion crimeruffled denim fashion crime

Our thinking? Denim is at its best when it’s also at its simplest. The second you start to add distressing, ruffles, ruching, patches, embellishment etc, you’re on a slippery slope towards the land of Fashion Crime.  A small amount of any of these might just work: too much of any one of them, though, and you better watch out -someone might call The Fashion Police…

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