Not sure how the back looks like but if it’s …

Comment on Would you wear Insight’s scoop front t-shirt? by amaris.

not sure how the back looks like but if it’s alright then wear it backwards and it becomes another bareback-shirt-dress thing…over tights, jeans…

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Can’t afford a Louis Vuitton handbag? Oonagh O’Hagen to the rescue!
are these even legal? I mean Hermes and Louis have some pretty serious and nitty-gritty copyright issues don’t they? >< But I would love one, just to carry it right next to my fellow lv-toting know just for laughs 🙂

Lisca lingerie make Smart Memory Bra to boost cleavage when you’re aroused
same here selina…i wonder though if this new system could be combined with say, the wonderbra and you know boost already “inflated” cleavage 😉

Fashion Police at the 2009 Golden Globes: Maggie Gyllenhaal
frankly, leopard print aside, the dress brings out the blue in her eyes, which was what i focused in on first rather than the dress, i say it was a rocking outfit 🙂
Posture should be improved upon though yes?

More Union Jack fashion from Alexander McQueen: what do you think of these boots?
I LOVE….liked it on a guess jacket i saw a while back but, this pair of boots would look pretty cute if dressed up right 🙂

Best Dressed at the Chanel Contemporary Art Container opening: Katie Lee Joel, Kate Bosworth, Kim Raver or Agynes Deyn
kate and kim
kate b/c it’s a hard dress to pull off and would make most normal women look like they have ginormous hips
kim b/c black is classic and her very chanelish outfit 🙂

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