The Body Blouse: a crime of fashion, or purely practical?


God, tucking your shirt into your pants is such a pain, isn’t it? Isn’t it a pain? All that billowing fabric having to be stuffed into your jeans, making you feel like you’re wearing a nappy. And you just know it’s all going to come untucked again at some point – probably just after a trip to the bathroom, when your flowing shirt tails will provide a handy visual clue to what exactly you were doing in there – leaving you looking all untucked and untidy. Not a great look, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Yes, I can totally see why someone felt the need to invent the Body Blouse – an item of clothing I had previously been blissfully unaware of, until Fashion Police reader Caroline altered me to their existence. (You can find the Body Blouses in our picture here and here).

Now, this got me thinking. Clearly there is a need for this sort of garment, for the reasons outlined above, but having worn body suits in the 90s, for my sins, I have to ask: do they not just cause more problems then they’re supposed to solve? Maybe it’s just me, but, as well as making me feel like I’m wearing a baby grow, all those poppers under my crotch don’t exactly say "comfort" to me. The body suits of my youth were always badly cut, so they’d feel like they were cutting you in half after a few minutes wear. And sometime, someplace, you could guarantee that those poppers would, indeed, "pop", leaving you walking around looking like you had a small tail growing out of your butt. (This became a common sight in the pubs and clubs during the 90s, when women would have a few drinks then forget they were wearing a bodysuit when they visited the bathroom…

Also: quite apart from all of that, the bodysuit – or, indeed, Body Blouse – always left you with an un-naturally smooth look, like you’d just stepped out of the pages of the Freemans catalogue. A little too Stepford Wives for me…

So – a crime of fashion or just a practical solution to an annoying problem? What’s your take? 


  • January 7, 2008


    Hmmm… tough one. On the one hand, having to stuff potentially quite a lot of fabric into the back of your trousers (depending on the bagginess of your shirt) can leave you with lots of lumps and bumps around the waistline. It messes up the line of the shirt and always comes untucked again.
    However – I did ten years of ballet as a child. Ten years. It’s given me a condition known as the Leotard Twinges. Anything vaguely babygro-shaped or Lycra-fashioned gives me hideous writhing spasms. There’s got to be a solution to this problem that doesn’t involve crotch-poppers. Please…

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  • January 8, 2008


    I was half-forced to wear a body-blouse much alike the one on the left when I was working at a casino. The outfit was completed with that, a vest and a rather tight kneelenght pencil skirt and I must say, the outifit looked WAY better with this thing than a normal blouse. With the vest on the unnaturally smooth look was not a problem either. So I think in some circumstances it can be excused.
    On the other hand, I saw a puffy blue plaid version of this on sale just a couple of days ago…

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  • January 8, 2008


    See, I was mightily against this until you mentioned the Stepford Wives look. Now I quite like the idea…

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  • July 25, 2008


    I like the lean look of shirt bodysuits a lot.

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