Is it a dress? Is it a jacket? No, it’s a Crime of Fashion…


I wasn’t sure whether to file this under "dresses" or "outerwear". That’s the kind of decision that should always be an easy one, really, shouldn’t it? Not when Comme des Garcons are at the wheel, though: they’re all about the ambiguity, and have created this "ingenious" little garment, which totally defies categorization. Which is why I’ve filed it under "Crimes of Fashion" and left it at that.

This garment makes me imagine all kinds of delicious scenarios, though, in much the same way that Clothes That Are Stuck Together do. Picture it:

"Can I take your… half jacket?"

"No, thank you: my half-jacket is actually attached to my half-dress."

"Oh. Right. And… why is that, exactly?"

"Oh, it’s fashion, you know. And also: art."

"Riiiight" *backs away slowly, looking scared*

Seriously, though, what the hell happened here, Comme des Garcons? And while we’re on the subject, what makes you think we’ll be paying £469 to wear this?

Report Crimes of Fashion!

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