Comme des Fashion Criminals do it again


We’re going to be generous here and assume that Comme des Garcons didn’t intend for this top to be worn quite like this. We’re going to assume that because if it IS meant to be worn like this – i.e. with a buck-naked body underneath it – then we’d have to arrest them for crimes of fashion, and that would totally ruin the warm, fuzzy feeling we were left with after reading about little Hayden Panettiere and her whale-saving ways.

Then again, the images above do beg the question: if it’s not supposed to be worn like that, then why in the name of Dog has it been photographed like that? Is it just so that Yoox can get a bit of a gratuitous boob shot onto their pages? Or are they actually suggesting that it’s acceptable to go out wearing nothing but a pair of knickers and a giant flower?

Report Crimes of Fashion!

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