Wear or Die: Covered up


We know from previous editions of Wear or Die that you’re not so keen on flashing the flesh – and we don’t really blame you. This week, then, we’ve decided to be kind to you and let you wear something that keeps you all covered up. Unfortunately, it’s what you’ll be covered up in that you might not like…

On the right, we have a knitted jumpsuit by Cooperative Designs that’ll certainly keep you all warm and cosy in the unseasonably freezing weather we’ve been having lately. On the right, a little something from Comme des Garcon’s Spring 08 collection – and before you go thinking this is the easy option, know that this isn’t a real dress – it’s just a fake dress stuck onto your front. Yes.

What’s it to be then, folks: will you choose to dress like an overgrown toddler or a cartoon character? And don’t you just wish that death was an option?    

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