Crimes of Ebay Fashion: Harem Shants by Georgio Armani


Witness above the unholy alliance of two of the biggest crimes of fashion the world has ever known, as harem pants and shants come together to create the ‘harem shant’. Cry with us as you notice the cunning way the shants have been teamed with a white thong and a pair of black hold-ups. Cringe as you realise that this is not a mannequin you’re looking at: a real person actually dressed like this and took a picture for eBay. Scratch your head as you think, "When did Georgio Armani make pants like these?" Finally, roar with laughter when we tell you that the Buy It Now price is £51 for these amazing, "worn once" pants – and that there has been two offers from them already.

Just don’t ask us to give you the link to the auction. We don’t want to be accessories to such a crime.

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