I don’t own a white shirt ( looks like most …

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I don’t own a white shirt ( looks like most of us don’t!!)
My bra straps are visible when I wear vest tops.. and I don’t really care
I own too many pairs of black heels, and still crave more
I have loads of brightly coloured t shirts but 9 times out of ten go straight for the black ones
I own too many black t shirts
I’m a sucker for anything with a bow 🙂
.. or anything with cherry print!

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Fashion Police at the 2010 Oscars: Anna Kendrick
My favourite dress by far, agree with K that strapless shoes would have made it perfect 🙂

Red Carpet Roundup: Celebrity Fashion at the MTV Music Awards
I read that Kristen had hurt her ankle too – and even if she hadn’t, I think it’s ok to go casual to the MTV movie awards although I’m not a huge fan of the dress.
Best dressed for me is Ashley, I wouldn’t have liked the idea of those shoes either, but on they look fantastic!

Reader-Nominated Dress of the Day: Garden print stretch dress from Karen Millen
It’s gorgeous, looks really nice on as well

Red Carpet Watch: Fashion at the 44th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards
Carrie and Kaley for me – they both nearly always look great!

Dress of the Day: Cream beaded flapper-style dress
That is lush. Easily my favourite dress of the day yet!

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