During the winter I always wear my REALLY old n …

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During the winter I always wear my REALLY old n ugly sneakers. Im way to afraid to wear shoes I like during winter cos I think I’ll destroy them.
If there’s a trend everyone loves I’m likely to hate it cos I dont wanna be like everyone else.
I got lots of damn expensive clothes that I never wear cos I dont like em or am afraid to destroy them.
I wear some of my jeans even if theres holes in them.
I don’t have no belts, so my jeans always slide down a bit.

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Fashion Police Checkpoint! What are you wearing right now?
Dark blue Apple Bottom jeans
white T-shirt
long silver chain
black thin headband
a bit boring maybe…

Men in Tights: eMAN-cipate want to make it acceptable for men to wear pantyhose. Is it?
H*ll to the naw.

Wear or Die: Animal Instincts
The dress, as a swimsuit coverup. Actually, I even like it. Please take me to fashion jail rehabilitation.

Michigan Fashion Police crack down on saggy pants
Well just about every guy I know would be arrested then. I don’t think it’s that bad, and besides, it’s damn funny watching them trying to run while holding up their jeans…

Wear or Die: The Bottom Half
The shorts. I’m still in my teens, so people will just (hopefully) think I’m “trying to find my own style”. And plus I just can’t stand the colour on the damn trousers.

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