I wear trainers during the work-week because I usually carry …

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I wear trainers during the work-week because I usually carry around one of my huge handbags and my laptop so I’d be afraid I might fall over in heels.
I have a serious handbag and shoe/heel addiction and have way to many of both. I get very impulsive during my shopping sometimes and buy handbags/shoes I then never wear because I have nothing that goes with them.
I walk my dog in the most awful clothes ever, because it’s that time of day when you just wake up and think it’s not likely you’ll meet anyone you know, but then you do and it’s totally embaressing. Because you have no make-up on, haven’t done your hair, are wearing white adidas sneakers and old black skinnies (very VERY old ones) and a big coat = nightmare scenerio!
I totally love to overdress (except while walkin the dog, as mentioned above..)
I daydream about marrying someone who will afford my handbag/shoe budget but then no, I just go into minus on my account..gulp.
I have one pair of PJ-pants that look like harrem pants.
and I better stop now.. 😀

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Attention, America: you can now shop from Zara’s online store!
They still don’t ship to Czech Republic. I sometimes seriously HATE living here.. (though luckily there are enough stores here, not like some other brands, durrrr.)

Going back to studying now (huge exam in a couple hours) – Wish me luck!

Frankenshoes: DSquared2 ‘Skate Moss’ ice boots
I love these! (But then again I’m all for crazy shoes) When I saw them in a magazine I thought they were actual skates 😀 (the angle of the shot was a bit turned so you couldn’t see that they weren’t)

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all I’m noticing is that the dress is lace and semi-see-through and thus, she should have worn a black bra instead..

Zooey Deschanel at the Fox All Star Party 2011
I really like her so I really want to like what she’s wearing too, but.. maybe if the shoes were heels?

Olivia Wilde at the Berlin premiere of Cowboys and Aliens
agreed on the make-up part, nice!

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