I have maybe three t-shirts that are long enough to …

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I have maybe three t-shirts that are long enough to cover my midriff. I can’t bring myself to buy new t-shirts because the old ones are “still good” – except I never wear them because they’re too short.

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Ugly Prom Dresses: a roundup
This is so wrong… you’re like 16-17 when you graduate high school (in Quebec anyway) I’d never want my sister or my cousins wearing those last ones! They’d look like so TRASHY who designs these anyway.

Wear or Die: Prom dresses
Hahaha this is ridiculous I kinda wanna wear BOTH! I’d love dressing up like a Barbie princess again, but you really only get the chance to during prom… And I went for something more mature. If the bodice is properly fitted, I’ll choose the pink one 🙂

Dress of the Day: David Meister One Shoulder Sheath Dress
Absolutely gorgeous, I love it love it love it.

Kim Kardashian and her Louis Vuitton handbag
I also agree. She looks really good, in a non-skank way, for once, but the bag is vile. I wonder if she’s wearing matching boots 😀 Or if she’s carrying it to cover her massive ass. I mean, in that case, it’s totally doing the trick, right?

Stiletto snow boots: WHY?
I like them. I live in Montreal (Canada) where we’re getting meters of snow this winter… but in the summer when it’s gorgeous, people wear their winter boots out too, with skirts just like this. Remember the furry boots that were all the rage a while back? I’d wear these boots (cept I’m not a fan of the pointed toe), especially if it was raining out!

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