Fashion Boobs: Marc Jacobs’ circle sweater

OK. It doesn’t look totally like a pair of breasts. Mostly because no one has skin that pattern. But look: there’s just no way you can put two large circles, with smaller circles inside ’em, right over your boobs and NOT prompt that comparison. And you can’t tell us that when Marc Jacobs came up with this one, he didn’t have a bit of a chuckle to himself and think, “Hehe! Boobies! I’m giving people fake boobies! And I’m charging them $800 for them!”

For yes, readers, it’s true: this sweater costs $800. Or $878.16, to be exact. We think the joke is on whoever buys it, no? Because people may not say it, but they WILL be thinking it. And by “it”, we mean, “Who the hell pays $800 for a boob sweater?”

Do you?

(Click here to buy it)

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