Five Fashion Bloggers, One Full Skirt

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Here at, we love fashion bloggers. Love ’em. Far more interesting to us than seeing what stylists have put on celebrities, or what designers have put on models, is seeing what women like us have put on themselves, and that’s why personal style blogs are so fascinating to us.

Without the unlimited budgets of the aforementioned celebrities, fashion bloggers (or many of them, anyway) offer a much more realistic source of inspiration when it comes to helping us decide what to wear and buy. We love seeing what clothes look like “in real life”, and on a variety of different people, and we also love seeing the myriad different ways in which different women will choose to style the same item. In this new series, we’ll be doing just that: taking a single item, and looking at the different ways in which bloggers from around the world have worn it.

Our first item is Choies green midi skater skirt:

Choies green midi skater skirt

We loved this skirt at first sight, but for just $25.99, we weren’t sure how closely it would resemble the product shots on the website. Our fears were quickly laid to rest, however, when it started to appear on fashion bloggers everywhere: here are a few of our favourite bloggers, and the different ways they’ve worn this skirt:


Camille of Camille Tries to Blog [full outfit post here]

green choies skirt

Zümra of Lunapark Queen [Full outfit post here]


Naomi of Two Shoes, One Pair (Full post here, follow here)

Teodora in Choies green midi skater skirt

Teodora of e-Be Fashion [full outfit post here]


Meagan from Because of Jackie [Full outfit post here]

And there you have it: five fashion bloggers, one skirt, styled five ways. We love all of the looks featured here, but we’d also love to know how you would wear this skirt, so please drop us a comment and tell us how you’d style it!

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  • February 18, 2014


    I love this skirt! It’s my favorite. Seeing these pictures is like fashion overload.

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  • March 5, 2014


    I love the first outfit! If I had this gorgeous skirt, I would wear it with a red top, it is my favourite combination, although it is a little bit Christmas-ish. For the a more spring look, I would probably chose a pale pink top.

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