Ask the Fashion Police: Internet Edition

Fashion_advice Sometimes, people like to email us looking for solutions to their fashion dilemmas. Sometimes, though, they don’t, and they just run a search of site, hoping their question will have been answered before.

Well, we think these people, too, deserve our help, so just for them, here’s a quick roundup of searches we’ve had lately, with our responses…

1.  Do skinny jeans suit big women?

Well, anonymous asker, that all depends. There is a commonly held belief that skinny jeans can only be worn by skinny people, but we’d like to call "bullshit" on that one, if we may. Actually, skinny jeans can be worn by lots of different shapes, and what’s more important here isn’t how "big" or "small" you are, but what kind of body shape you have, and, more importantly, what kind of leg shape you’re working with. If you have particularly large thighs, then you may want to draw attention away from them with a looser cut of jean, but of course, skinnies can always be worn with longline tops, tunics, or even dresses over the top, in which case you’re wearing them more or less like tights.

In conclusion: the question is unanswerable, because we don’t know what you mean by "big women". The solution: try a pair on, see how they look. If you like ’em – wear ’em.

2. women opinion comfortable wearing string?

So, we’re going to assume you’re asking whether women find g-strings comfortable or not, is that right? Hmmm. Personally speaking: not so much. There are lots of comfortable g-strings out there, to be sure, and if you get one that fits properly, you won’t know you’re wearing it, but you need to be really careful about sizing. Slightly too big and it’s going to ride up and slip around like nobody’s business. Slightly too small, on the other hand and you’re going to feel like you’re being cut in half. This why I prefer boy shorts every time: much more comfortable than thongs, no VPL, and they look a whole lot better from the back should your low-rise jeans happen to slide down a little.

But why do you ask, oh anonymous one?

3. bikini butt bra how to put on?

So, you bought a butt bra! Congratulations! And no, we have absolutely no idea how to put it on, but when you figure  it out, we really hope you’ll come back and tell us how that’s  working out for you…

4. What do I wear with red tights?

Well, to be honest, I tend to view red as a kind of neutral. Sure, it’s bright, but it’ll actually work with lots of other colours: at the moment I’m loving it with navy, but it’ll also be good with cream, black – even green, if you’re feeling particularly brave and don’t mind people making jokes relating to traffic lights every time they see you. I’d personally pair red tights with something fairly simple, though, like a shift dress or full skirt in a block colour: the bright colour is going to be the focal point of the outfit, so steer clear of crazy colours but otherwise, let your imagination run riot.

5. what kind of shoes go with the sack dress?

Nothing goes with the sack dress. Sorry. It’s because it looks like a sack, you see. Sacks aren’t supposed to be worn. If you absolutely must wear one, I’d go for shoes with a high heel, probably in a bright colour and with a bit of detailing to them, just to try and detract attention away from the sack and remind people there is a real, live woman under all that fabric. But that’s just me: I’m sure some sack dress fans will be along soon to offer their advice…

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