Fashion Accessories: Bug jewellery


Bugs. They can be creepy, but they can also be cute, and it’s the latter type that have been cropping up on everything from earrings to pendants and brooches this season. Unsurprisingly, butterflies are the favourite jewel-bugs, but dragonflies, ladybugs and even flies have been spotted on fingers, necks and clothes lately, which made us wonder what you think of them. Would you wear a bug as an accessory? If it looked like some of the ones above, we think the answer would be "yes", for us at least…

Butterfly ring, £10, ASOS; jewel fly brooch, £11, Dorothy Perkins; Lottie butterfly ring, £8, Accessorize; dragonfly brooch, £65, Swarovski; gold ladybird brooch, £19, Amazon

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Fashion Accessories: Olsen-style corsage head wraps from Urban Outfitters


Can’t you just imagine Mary-Kate Olsen wearing one of these? We can – and we can actually imagine ourselves wearing them too, which makes a pleasant change. Alice bands have been big this year, and we probably have Blair Waldorf to thank for that, but if you’re tired of the little-girl look, these area little bit bohemian, a little bit 40s-flapper-girl, and a good way to deal with a bad hair day.

The pink band is £10, and also available in black and white, while the silver one is £8 and also available in black and purple. Both are from Urban Outfitters

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Fashion Accessories: Sex and the City style corsages


They’re one of Carrie Bradshaw’s favourite accessories, and with the Sex and the City movie premiering in just a few days, we can expect to see whole lot more of the corsage brooch. Not that we’re complaining, mind you: corsages are cute and feminine, and add a dash of drama to dull old jackets and dresses, so we’re welcoming them back with open arms. If you don’t want to feel like you’re on your way to a wedding, try some of the smaller felt or enamel brooches shown above.

1. Rose leaf corsage, £6, Topshop; 2. Oversized Origami Corsage Brooch, £8, Accessorize; 3. Felt flower brooch, £10, Hannah Zakari; 4. Blue double lily brooch, $5.50, Pugster; 5. BKE tonal flower brooch, $4.01, Buckle; 6. bright orange enamel brooch, £12, Stardust

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Fashion Accessories: Cuff ’em!


Cuffs: we love ’em. (And no, we’re not talking about the type that we snap on the wrists of Fashion Criminals, but the ones we’d happily wear on our own wrists…). They’re so much more satisfying than a bracelet, and they give a bit of an edge to things like floral dresses and other floaty fabrics. They’re our favourite fashion accessory of the moment, but are they yours, we wonder? What are your feelings on cuffs?

Arcade multi gem cuff, Erickson Beamon; Mercer cuff bracelet, Hayden-Harnett; Brushed silver cuff, Vivre; Mega black enamel cuff, Mikey; pink crystal logo cuff, Christian Lacroix; Leather cuff, Marty Flint

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Fashion Accessories for Spring: Flower Rings


Floral fashion accessories for Spring? Who’da thunk it? OK, so flower rings aren’t exactly the most original idea for the coming season, but they are pretty, and they make an inexpensive way to "do" florals, if you don’t want to go the whole hog, with a floral tea dress or two. All of the pieces on this page are £10 or less, and in stores now…

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1. Coloured flower ring, Topshop; 2. Silver Tone flower ring, Dorothy Perkins ; 3. cream metal rose ring, River Island; 4. pink flower ring, Miss Selfridge; Amalfi flower ring, Accessorize

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Fashion Accessories: “Fashion Can Be Bought” bangle by Jessica Kagan Cushman


"Fashion can be bought. Style, one must possess," is the motto on this bangle by Jessica Kagan Cushman, and we couldn’t agree more! The bangle is $125 at Ravin Style, and if you ever find yourself doubting the wisdom of those words, you only have to take a look at our gallery of fashion criminals to see the light.

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