Norma Kamali’s ‘Modern Sculpture’ Turtleneck Dress Has Its Sleeves Attached to the Hem


This was so close to being today’s Dress of the Day. At first glance I absolutely loved it – in fact, I think I probably still do love it – for that fantastic, striking silhouette. But then gradually, a lightbulb went off above my head as I realised the strange truth: that this is no ordinary dress. No, this is a dress in which the sleeves are attached to the hem. Hence that striking silhouette.

My small brain struggled to try and ignore this new information. I mean, it’s really quite funky, isn’t it? Or it would be, if you were careful to always walk around in the exact position the model is adopting in this picture, otherwise it would possibly look just like any other turtleneck dress, only with the sleeves attached to the hem. Ah, and what of those hem-attached-sleeeves? I’ve been sitting here trying to convince myself that it’s no biggie: that I could totally go about my business with my arms attached to my skirt. But then, what if I wanted to wave my hands in the air? Like I just don’t care? What if I raised my arm to wave to someone on the street, and, in doing so, raised my skirt to waist level, flashing my underwear to all and sundry, Britney style?

What do you think of this dress? Do you think it’s practical enough for everyday wear, or is it just lovely to look at? (Oh, and if you want to buy it, you’ll find it at Nordstrom, for $295)

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