Crimes of London Fashion Week


Fashion Week season is always a busy time for The Fashion Police. Yesterday, for instance, we had no sooner apprehended the Space/Sperm suits we used as this week’s Wear or Die, than we were called out to the above incident, in which Christopher Kane apparently cut up a pair of tights and used them as a skirt. As strange as this is, we wish we’d thought of it first – sure, we’d have to arrest ourselves for wearing it, but think of all the money we’d save on skirts!

Read on to find out who else will be joining Christopher Kane in the Fashion Police cells this week…

Christopher Kane
Boobs! Boobs! Well, there’s not a whole lot else to say about this, is there?
Marios Schwab
We call this one "The Naked Suit". We’re not sure what Marios calls it…
Marios Schwab
Naked suit with fungus.
Marios Schwab
Naked suit has an accident.
House of Holland
No matter how hard we try, we just can’t learn to love the camel toe.
Giles Deacon
This reminds us of something. Now, what could it be?

The usual disclaimer: Yes, we know that it’s "art" not"fashion". We are glad about that. We’re really hoping the ‘Naked Suit’ goes into production, though…

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