Crimes of Fashion

“Tights with sandals” fashion crime spotted at Calvin Klein


Peeptoes and opaques we like. And opaque tights with not-too-strappy-sandals we can just about handle. But sheer tights with strappy sandals? We hate. Especially when, as in the picture above,from Calvin’s Klein’s Fall 2008 catwalk, the tights have reinforced toes which are clearly visible below the straps, and which are just a little bit twisted. In our book, toe seams on sheer tights should be covered at all times – and actually, we’re not so keen on the tights-under-trousers look, either: in fact, when the tights are sheer ones, it makes us squirm to see them worn under pants, and even more so when they’re worn under jeans. (Yes, some people do this. We’ve seen them.)

Of course, these could well be pop-socks, not actual tights, but even so, that doesn’t make it OK to wear them with strappy sandals, we think. The only thing that could make it worse would be if they were "nude" tights – now there would be a fashion crime to behold!

Your thoughts on the thorny issue of sheer tights and strappy sandals/pants would be welcomed…

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