It is a nice fantasy buy!!! I love the …

Comment on Fantasy Buy of the Week: Celine ribbon trim top by Style[ology].

It is a nice fantasy buy!!! I love the rich purple coloring.

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“Sexy” clothes: if you have to say it, you ain’t it
That’s so not sexy, not even on a stripper! blech

Haute Halloween: ‘devil’ sweater by Betsey Johnson
Love it!

Crime of Fashion: Stiletto boot bags
I have to agree – a little piece of me died when I saw these ugly creations. I saw a stiletto boot bag the other day with Marilyn Monroe’s pretty face on it – how distasteful!

Shoe Porn: J Crew’s yellow suede ‘Fleur’ peep toe heels
I LOVE them, just as they are, in that shade of yellow. I love yellow heels!

Bad Bikinis: the crochet monokini
While I don’t like this particular crocheted piece, I’ve found MANY crocheted bikinis and monokinis I love. I really like this one: and this one:

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