Fancy Dress Ideas from The Fashion Police

Fancy dress ideas

Looking for fancy dress ideas? Look no further…

Halloween: the only time of year when it’s OK to commit crimes of fashion without fear of being arrested by The Fashion Police. As fun as it is to dress up, though, coming up with creative fancy dress ideas can be harder than you might think: especially if you’re working to a budget, or don’t want to buy a ready-made costume.

Luckily, The Fashion Police are here to help: here are some quick and (relatively) easy fancy dress costumes we’ve come up with over the years:

Fancy Dress Ideas from The Fashion Police

Alice in Wonderland

Whether you’re Tim Burton’s stylish Alice, or a rather more traditional version, if you own, or can find, a dress in the right shade of blue, going down the rabbit hole is an easy option for Halloween. Don’t forget the Alice band…

[Click here for our Alice in Wonderland fancy dress guide]

80s Fancy Dress Ideas

If it was acceptable in the 80s, it’s surely acceptable for a fancy dress party. 80s fashion provides tons of inspiration for fancy dress ideas: find a few of them here.

Lady Gaga Costume

Ya gotta love Gaga for providing us with fancy dress ideas. Will you be Meat Dress Gaga? Prisoner Gaga? Classic Hair Bow Gaga? It’s like Barbie, only for Halloween! There are lots of ready made Lady Gaga costumes available to buy these days, but if you’d rather DIY it, there are some ideas for you here.

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly

The classic costume for people who want to dress up without actually “dressing up”, if you catch our drift. Got a little black dress? A string of pearls? Hair you can turn into a beehive? Then you’ve got all the ingredients for an Audrey Hepburn/Holly Golightly fancy dress costume. Go here for some more suggestions.

Marilyn Monroe

Another good option for girls who want to look glam rather than gruesome. Step this way for some Marilyn-inspired fancy dress ideas

Betty Draper 

Mad Men’s Betty Draper provides another opportunity to go glam for Halloween.

Fancy Dress Ideas for Fashion Lovers

You’ll find some of the costume ideas we’ve already mentioned, and a few more besides, in this article aimed at those who love fashion, and want their Halloween costume to reflect that.

And, for those of you looking for slightly more obscure fancy dress ideas, may we suggest…

The Fashion Blogger

We love fashion bloggers. Hell, we ARE fashion bloggers. That doesn’t mean we can’t dress up as one for Halloween, though, does it?

The Fashion Criminal

No one loves a fashion criminal… except at a costume party, where dressing as a fashion criminal is a great excuse to bust out some hilarious – and appropriately frightening – items of clothing.

The Fashion Victim

People who love fashion a little TOO much can sometimes become victims of it. Here are some ideas on how to play the [fashion] victim this Halloween.

We’ll have some more fancy dress ideas for you soon, but for now we hope these articles from previous years will help give you some inspiration!

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