Faces for your feet: Dolce & Gabana’s suede wedge “face” shoes


Feet just shouldn’t have faces. They have no need of them. Or not as far as we were concerned, anyway. It looks like Dolce & Gabbana disagree, though, because if you wear these suede wedges, you won’t just be two-faced, you’ll be three-faced. You’ll also be kept awake at night by the thought of those creepy faces sitting inside your closet, making the shoes look almost like they’re alive. Alive and about to EAT you. Or maybe that’s just us.

We do like our shoes to have a bit of personality, but these have taken it too far for us, , although we confess that we would be interested to see what they actually look like like on a foot. What do you think of them? If it’s love at first look, and you can’t wait to have them in your life, they’re £709 and you can buy them here.

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