Crimes of Fashion

Face jewellery to frighten people, by Burcu Büyükünal

The Fashion Police would like to make it clear that we don’t actually torture the fashion criminals who wind up in our jail. If we did though, well, this could be a good way to do it: we’re sure (or we hope) it’s not actually painful, but hey, it would be kinda funny, no?

Don’t worry, though, this “facial jewellery” isn’t actually supposed to look good. It was created by Turkish jewellery designer Burcu Büyükünal, as a kind of “anti-jewellery” which aims to draw attention to societies fascination with plastic surgery, and question our ideas of beauty and adornment. Very worthy, we’re sure, but we still wouldn’t fancy actually wearing this: what if our mums were right and the wind changed, forcing our faces to stay like that forever? It doesn’t bear thinking about…

For more information on the pieces, take a look here.


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