Who is she and what has she done with Miss …

Comment on Fabulously Fashionable: Emma Watson wears Chanel to the Harry Potter premiere by Terry.

Who is she and what has she done with Miss Granger?!

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Fashion accessories for 4th of July – American Flag 30 GB iPod Video Case
That verification thingy, or variations of it, are on almost all blogs I comment on Jo…

Ugg make new styles of boots for you to hate
Holy mother of god! My eyes my eyes, I think those boots have blinded me with their evil.

UK dress sizes to move to European system
I have a 42″ chest and a 34″ waist. Man I feel liberated!

Crime of Fashion: Dolce & Gabbana’s black patent and pvc double handle bag
It looks like some sort of prison issue bag that they give to jailbirds when they finish their sentences and go home.

Crime of Fashion: The C String
Dear god! I was wondering how the hell does this stay in place? On the website these pictures attempt to show you
Although I still can’t possibly imagine it not falling out when you walk. You’ll probably have to walk with your butt cheeks clenched together, lol good luck women of the world.

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