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Fashion Accessories: Eyelash Necklaces by Stephanie Simek use real human hair, creep us out


Ever had one of those days where you’re getting dressed and you think, "You know what this outfit needs? A pair of eyelashes that I could wear round my neck. Preferably containing real human hair."

No, me neither. Some people must have days like that, though, because artist Stephanie Simek has apparently decided that there is a market to be cornered here, and has put these necklaces into production, using real human hair. WHERE DOES SHE GET IT? Seriously, how on earth would you get your hands on enough human eyelashes to be able to produce jewellery with it? And why would you want to?

Quite apart from the fact that one of these necklaces will run the risk of making you look like a false eyelash has fallen off and landed on your sweater, I know I find the idea of accessorising with someone’s old eyelashes slightly disturbing. Am I alone in this?

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