Extreme heels: Charlotte Olympia’s 6″ Paloma pumps


The Fashion Police have always adopted a "the higher, the better" policy when it comes to heels, but when the heels in question are 6" high, like the ones on these ‘Paloma’ pumps by Charlotte Olympia, well, that gives even us pause for thought, it has to be said.

Of course, the 1.5" platform on these shoes will make the heel feel a little more manageable when you’re actually wearing them, but we’re still willing to bet that the chances of a twisted ankle will be high in these, especially after a few drinks. And that’s to say nothing of all the "what’s the weather like up there?" comments you’d be getting.

Still, they’re not exactly designed for talking long walks in, so we guess the question here is: would you wear these shoes? If you answered "yes", you can pick them up for £395 at Net-a-Porter.

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