Evil Twin Cage Knit Crop Top: appropriately named

It wasn't me, it was my Evil Twin

First we had the Guilty Brotherhood, now here’s the Evil Twin: hey, imagine what it would be like if they joined forces!

We must say, though, we’re impressed that some fashion brands are starting to recognise the depth of their crimes and label themselves accordingly: acceptance is the first step towards becoming a reformed fashion criminal, after all.

As for the crop “top”, well, what is there to say other than a) it’s not much of a “top”, and b) yeah.

Still, this kind of thing is wildly popular in fashionable circles right now: in fact, we can’t seem to find a personal style blog that doesn’t feature someone wearing a harness of some kind, so more power to them. Personally, if we really wanted this look, we’d just DIY it and save our $108 for shoes, but given that we’re talking about a parallel universe in which we’d actually want to wear a cage top, it’s kind of a moot point, isn’t it?

Would you wear this? You would? If you’re in the US, click here to buy it from Shopbop, and if you’re in the UK or Europe, click here to get it from ASOS, who’ll charge you £85 for it.

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