Eva Herzigova loses her skirt at Cannes


Oh my God, it’s like one of those nightmares where you walk out of the house, find yourself facing an entire bank of photographers, and then glance down, only to realise… NO SKIRT! Aaargh! Yes, poor Eva Herzigova lived that nightmare this week at Cannes, people, the only difference being that she was actually wearing a skirt – it’s just that she may as well not have bothered, for all the difference it makes.

Either that or she was just really conflicted as to whether to go for the traditional long gown, or whether to just go… naked. In which case, isn’t it great that she managed to find a compromise?

Look under the jump for one more picture of Eva’s fashion nightmare – from the front this time…


Still, at least she got some kick ass diamonds, eh?

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