Espadrille boots: because everything has to be a boot these days, apparently…



To: The Fashion Police
From: Shoeperwoman, the shoe superhero
Alleged Perp: Espadrille boots at Far Fetch

Fashion Police,

I was flying over the city last night when I spotted these espadrille boots over at Far Fetch. Espadrille boots. Really? Apparently so. And it got me thinking: why must everything be turned into a boot now? Think about it: peep toes must be boots. Gladiator sandals must be boots. Even socks must be boots. Socks, for goodness sake! And now they've done it to poor old espadrilles, too. What's the shoe world coming to? (Well, a boot, probably…)


*  *  *

(As long as they don't decide to make Crocs into boots, we think we may be able to live with this one. Oh no, wait: they already did, didn't they?)

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