Erin Fetherston for Target – Fashion Police verdict


I’m planning a trip to the States for later this year, and you know what I’m looking forward to most? Target. Yes, Target. We don’t have it here in the UK, you see, which is just criminal, especially given their recent form. Sadly for me, I’ll probably be too early for Erin Fetherston’s collection, which Fashionista have managed to get some pics of, which I’m disappointed about, although in some ways it could be a good thing.

I absolutely love the styling here: there’s a real "Alice in Wonderland" feel to these pictures, with the blonde hair, Mary Janes, wide hairbands and blonde hair, but while it all looks fabulous on the model, I can’t help but feel it would be a but too "little girl" lost on me. That said, many of the individual pieces will work well with things like jeans: the huge, heart-shaped bag will make a nice statement against an otherwise plain outfit, and the coat? The coat must be mine, somehow. And I’ll take the shoes, too, which I’m at it. As for the rest…


These 60s-style tunic dresses I’m not so impressed with. Yes, they look good in these pictures, but from a distance the model could be mistaken for a toddler, and that’s not a look I tend to go for. Mind you, a lot of that may come down to the styling and the way she’s posed – more "grown up" accessories could make them much more wearable (although sadly not for those of us who like dresses with waistlines).

Overall, a big thumbs-up from The Fashion Police for this line, though. What do you think?

[Source: Fashionista]

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