English school asks parents not to wear pyjamas for the school run

Jumpin’ Jammerz: Not for the school run

Looks like Tesco isn’t the only place where pyjamas-as-daywear is frowned upon: this week, the headteacher of a school in England sent out letters to parents, asking them if it would be too much trouble to actually get dressed before dropping off or collecting their children from school. Apparently some of the parents were even attending school events in their PJs, and turning up mid-afternoon, still in their nightwear, according to BBC News.

What does everyone think about this?

We’re absolutely astounded by it. Obviously we knew people were wearing their pyjamas in public – that’s been going on for a long time now, much to our dismay. But to wear them to collect your kids from school? Have these people no shame? Do they not remember what it was like to be at school? Because the thing is, kids are cruel. They’re particularly cruel at primary school age, when absolutely anything can become the object of ridicule. You remember how¬†embarrassing¬†your parents could be at that age, don’t you? Can you even imagine how embarrassed you’d have been if they’d rocked up at the school gate clad only in a pair of PJs and a dressing gown? Because we can.

Now, we’re in now way advocating that parents should completely change their style and/or their personality in order to make sure their kids don’t get teased. Quite apart from being unfair on the parents, it probably wouldn’t even have the desired effect. Is it too much to ask that people at least put on some clothes before leaving the house, though? Apparently it is. And we have no idea why. If the people who are so determined to wear pyjamas put even half the energy into pulling on some clothes that they put into defending their right to wear pyjamas in the street, there would be no issue. And they’d preserve some small amount of dignity, too. It must be hard to be taken seriously by your child’s teacher when you’re wearing the same clothes you slept, in, after all.

What’s more, many of the pyjama brigade ARE actually going to a lot of effort in their bid to wear pyjamas. In this story, we hear from a mother who wears leggings over her pyjamas, in a bid to appease the school. Leggings over pyjamas? How is that even comfortable? And how is it easier than just wearing leggings in the first place?

“Hello, I’m here to pick up my little boy…”

We don’t know. Perhaps our own horror over the idea of being out in public in our PJs is clouding our vision over this issue. We don’t know about you, but when we get out of bed in the morning, we look and feel a bit… icky. We’re creased, dishevelled, untidy… we need a shower and a coffee to start to feel human, and the idea of having that shower and then jumping right back into the same dishevelled nightclothes we just got out of, in order to go out in public is the stuff of nightmares. (Literally. We’ve actually had nightmares about being out in our PJs.) Isn’t it just as easy to put on clothes as it is to put on pyjamas?

Does it all depend on the pyjamas? Do you think pyjamas are a totally acceptable form of dress? Tell us!

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