Emma Cook’s zebra shirt dress at Topshop: not recommended for shy and retiring types


Now, it’s not that we don’t like prints: we do. It’s just that, when we wear prints, we tend to prefer not to force everyone around us to have to wear sunglasses in order to be able to look at us. This Emma Cook shirt dress is new in at Topshop, featuring zebras, horses, pink, orange, blue, green and grey. We’re thinking it’s all just a little bit much. What do you think?

(It’s £80, if you think you want to buy it, by the way…)


  • April 11, 2008


    it looks like a pajama,an ugly pajama

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  • April 11, 2008


    It just looks too garish and so terribly unflattering! Horizontal stripes make most people wide enough, why not just add zebras and horses to the mix!

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  • April 12, 2008


    If I was going to wear this, I would wear it with a black cardigan done up to break up the pattern.

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