Shoe Style on Trial: Emanuel Ungaro branch sandals


All day we’ve been veering wildly between thinking these are fabulous and thinking they’re … just a bit strange, really… and so we’ve decided to hand the decision over to you, Fashion Police Jurors.

They’re Emanuel Ungaro’s ‘Branch Sandals’, and as the the name suggests, they’re sandals designed to look – from the back at least – like they’ve been fashioned from a few bits of branches. Cunning, no? The Fashion Police are reassured to know that, should we ever find ourselves stranded in the middle of a mighty forest, we will at least be able to make ourselves a pair of strappy stilettos. We don’t really care about being eaten by bears: as long as we got the shoes, we’ll cope just fine…

What do you think of these, though? We’re happy to see that the branch design has been restricted to the heel of the shoe only (they could, after all, have made the front look like branches twisting around the foot, and then we’d have a whole different shoe on our hands. Or on our feet, rather.) making it a detail you’ll only notice if you take more than a cursory glance at these, but it is a detail that makes you want to snap them up immediately, or is it a detail that makes you want to send them back to the forest?

If it’s the former, these are £535 and available from Net-a-Porter.

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