Ellen Pompeo narrowly avoids Fashion Police arrest at Armani Prive party


Oh, Ellen, Ellen! Just one more inch and you’d be looking at charges for indecent exposure here, never mind Crimes Against Fashion! Actually, come to think of it, one more inch and you’d be looking like Pamela Anderson, only classier and without the boob job. We know we’ve been unhappy to see the ‘Ribcages are the New Boobs’ direction celebrity fashion has been taking lately, but this kind of dress almost makes us re-think things…


  • January 22, 2008

    Janet C

    These dresses ALWAYS look like they’re falling down to me. I want nothing more than to run up to these women and yank the dresses back up where they belong.

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  • January 23, 2008


    The dress looks way oversized. Too bad Because she looks really beatiful.

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