Eddie Vedder has a lot to answer for

Vedder shorts

[The Vedder Shorts: Buy them here for $495]

We should probably begin this post by issuing a public apology to Eddie Vedder, who, of course, had absolutely nothing to do with these shorts. (Because, yes, those are shorts: the model isn’t just wearing a flannel shirt tied around her waist. Why would she do that, when she can pay almost $500 instead to just LOOK like she’s wearing a shirt tied around her waist?) He does seem to have in some way inspired them, however – at least, that’s what we’re assuming from the name (They’e called ‘The Vedder Shorts’), and the fact that they appear to be some kind of homage to the grunge scene of the 90s, of which Vedder himself was a huge part. Not, of course, that grunge was ever about buying $500 shorts. Or even $425 shorts, for that matter:

ripped denim shorts

These definitely wouldn’t pass the eBay test, would they? Not for the first – or last – time, we find ourselves wondering how rich and divorced from reality we’d have to be for something like this to seem like a good use of $400 +. Or to think these were a good idea AT ALL.

You know what else doesn’t seem like a great idea to us? This unitard:


Unitards have always confused us, because, unless you happen to be a gymnast, there doesn’t really seem to be a logical place to wear them. Seriously, what would this be considered appropriate attire for? Work? Date night? Family dinner? We can possibly see it being worn to a club, but we mostly see it as what new recruits might wear to Clown School, and once you’ve seen it as a clown suit, there’s just no way to un-see it. Unfortunately. Oh, and the addition of a psychedelic lace curtain thrown over the top doesn’t make it any better, just in case you were wondering:

fashion crime unitard

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