Frankenshoes: DSquared2 ‘Skate Moss’ ice boots

A reader drew our attention to these DSquared2 ‘Skate Moss’ boots, and thus simultaneously drew our attention to the fact that sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

These appeared on the DSquared2 runway earlier this year, prompting us to chuckle indulgently to ourselves and remark that what happens on the runway STAYS on the runway. Not this time, though: these will go on sale at Zappos later this year, priced at $1,485, so you, too, will be able to pretend you’re wearing ice skates as you walk down the street, just like a model .Or like Lady Gaga. (There’s also a knee high version, should you prefer it.)

To be fair, these are probably easier to walk in than appearances would first suggest, because you’re not balanced on a single blade, as you would be on real ice skates, but on a double one, plus a stiletto. So THAT’S OK, then. They still don’t look particularly “safe” to us, though, and The Fashion Police are trained experts in the art of walking in heels, so you can trust us when we tell you that we don’t scare easy when it comes to heels. Just ones that look like they could possibly kill a man.

Of course, the price alone dictates that not too many people will actually be seen wearing these, unless they happen to be going for shock value on the red carpet, so it’s not like they’re going to be the new Uggs, or anything like that. And we guess they could come in handy if it gets very icy this winter.

What do you think of them, though? Want a pair? They’re coming soon to Zappos: don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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