Drop-crotch carrot pants by Cheap Monday: the horror!


We discussed the phenomenon that is the carrot-leg pant a couple of months ago, and most of you were of the opinion that this was just another name for the "mom jean" – an assessment that The Fashion Police largely agreed with.

Now it seems that Cheap Monday have decided to take things that little bit further, by adding a small, but noticeable, dropped crotch to the basic "mom jean" shape. We’ve no idea WHY they would do this: we’re of the opinion that if you absolutely MUST wear a dropped crotch on your pants, you may as well make it exaggerated enough that people will realise you’re wearing it like that on purpose, rather than just thinking either your pants don’t fit, or that you’re wearing some kind of diaper under them.

Which is pretty much what these ones look like, no?

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