Dressing Like A Toddler: Child-like shoes now available

We have talked before about the fondness designers have for creating children’s garments in adult sizes: the proliferation of adult onesies, dungarees and pants with room for a diaper only serves to reinforce our opinion on this matter.  But now the footwear designers are getting in on the act too, creating shoes to complete your dressing like a toddler ensemble.  Check out the examples above.  On the left is a pair of red patent T bars by Shelleys (which we are fairly sure we had when we were 5).  On the right is a pair of the type of summer shoes you would be forced to wear for school in the summer as a child.  Not only are they juvenile, they are also ugly.  And having been forced into them as a child, why would you want to voluntarily wear them as an adult?

What do you think though?  Do you agree with us about the increasing trend for dressing like an infant, or are we completely wrong and do you think these are the most adorable shoes you’ve seen in a long time?

Shelley’s Cupcake T bar shoes, £45 at ASOS

Red school sandals, £36 at Next

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