Dress of the Day: Betty Jackson Grey Shift Dress

Despite doing a lot of complaining this winter about grey, and how boring it can be, this is the second grey dress I’ve found myself lusting after this month. (The first was a thick jersey galaxy dress from Topshop, which is now hanging in my wardrobe, having been snagged on eBay for the bargain price of £9.99. Result!). I’d brighten this Betty Jackson shift dress up with a pair of red leather knee boots, and a red  bag or belt (yes, I occasionally match my boots to my bags. Shoot me.) Love the bardot neckline: all my clothes would look just like this if I only had the cash to indulge myself. This is £75 at Debenhams for those of…

Dress of the Day: Peter Som Silk Dress

I have to apologise. Not only is this the second item I’ve written about today that isn’t yet available online, it’s not even a winter dress. Sorry. When something as pretty as this jumps out at you, though, and starts shouting “Me! Meeeee! Pick me!” well, who am I to resist? Anyway, I have an excuse: I’m currently obsessed with thoughts of my honeymoon, and, more specifically, what I might wear on my honeymoon, so while my body is stuck firmly in winter 2006, my head is off gallivanting with Spring/Summer 2007. This dress is by Peter Som and is $1655 at Saks Fifth Avenue. If there was a way to put it on my gift registry, trust me, I…

Style Stealer: Lindsay Lohan’s Blue Dress

Topshop finally relaunched their website today, getting rid of all of that hard-to-navigate flash and replacing it with something a whole lot more user-friendly. Also very user-friendly is the lovely Lindsay Lohan (miaow), whose blue dress in this picture is a lot like this one from Topshop, although I’d be willing to bet that LiLo here paid a good bit more than the £38 this one will set you back…

eBay Bargain: Christina Aguilera’s Monique Lhuillier Dress

I know, I know – this isn’t a new picture of Christina, but when I first seen it I fell in love with her pretty, feminine Monique Lhuillier dress, so it would be remiss of me not to let y’all know that the same dress (albeit in green rather than blue) is currently up for sale on  eBay… This one is a size 4, and the start price is $399. Happy bidding…

Dress of the Day: B With G Baby Doll Dress

I have this problem with dresses. The problem is that I work from home, and most of the dresses I own feel too “dressy” (Ha! Do you see what I did there?) to be wearing around the house. A lot of the time they’re not very comfortable, either: it’s all very well to be wearing hold-ups (Because tights? Are the work of the devil. For real.) and heels at the office, but at home? Not so much. This dress is the answer to my prayers. Soft and flexible enough to slob out in, but pretty enough to be smart, I? Am loving it. And as much as I hate to say it – God, but I hate to say it…

Fraud Squad: Luella Bartley V. Additions Direct

My apologies for the size of the picture – it was the best the website had to offer, I’m afraid, but I’m sure you’ll cope. Anyway, on the left – the fabulous Luella Bartley and her beautiful tartan dress. (It’s a measure of how very impressed I am by this dress that I loathe and detest tartan… but I still love this). On the right – Additions Direct, formerly owned by Argos. On the left, a few hundred dollars worth of dress – on the right, £35. Amazing.

Dress of the Day: Dorothhy Perkins Black & Green Obi Dress

This is the second dress that’s tempted me today. Can you tell it’s getting close to pay day? Dorothy Perkins are decribing it as an “Obi Dress” but although there is a wide band under the chest, I see no evidence of an obi sash. Still, a pretty dress and one which would look great with either boots or pumps. Boots or pumps that I just happen to have in my closet right now. Hmmm. It’s £30 from Dorothy Perkins.

Fraud Squad: Gucci Versus Next

Next does designer – who woulda thunk it? We’re used to thinking of Next as the place to buy boring old work suits and inoffensive leisure wear, and suddenly they go all Gucci on us. I’m seriously tempted by the dress on the right – I mean, obviously I’d be tempted by the Gucci version, on the left too, but I bet it’s several hundred pounds more expensive than Next’s copy, which is a mere £36.99. So, should I get it? Decisions, decisions… One tip, though? If you do decide to buy either version of this dress, do us a favour and give the “bright purple socks over dark purple tights” look a miss, yes? Top marks to Next for…

Dress of the Day: Black Satin Belted Shift Dress from Wallis

I’m a sucker for a bow. Sorry, but I am. Waist bows, like this one make your waist look waspish, your hips look curvier and are just generally flattering and pretty. Wallis have always been very good at doing “classy” and “elegant”, and this dress is a case in point. I also love the black and gold combination, although I have to say that because I have dress a lot like this one tucked away in a wardrobe somewhere. Perfect for Christmas parties (although be careful you’re not mistaken for the gift…) – now all you need is some gold shoes to match. £55 from Wallis

Wanted! Adam & Eve Gold Bow Dress

When we featured this gold bow dress back in the days of our old WordPress blog, I got loads of emails from people wanting to know where to buy it. Well, the dress is by Adam & Eve and it’s $495 from StandardStyle.com, but actually? Now that I see it on an actual person, I’m not so sure about it after all. It kinda looks a bit like a shiny gold sack to me. Just a little bit, though. If you have the figure to carry this one off without looking like you weigh roughly 40 stone, good luck to you, it’s a great party dress. Me? I’d ook like a baby elephant in gold…

Crime of Fashion: the Shirt Dress That Looks Like an Actual Shirt

Before I go any further here, I should probably make it clear that I’m not dissing normal shirt dresses – ones like Gwyneth’s, in other words. Those kind of shirt dresses are absolutely fine – are good, even. No, I’m specifically dissing this $600 Daryl K shirt dress, and I guess, by association, anyone who would actually pay $600 to look like they’d picked their boyfriend’s shirt up off the bedroom floor and forgotton to steal the matching pants. I dunno, maybe it’s just because it looks like something Mischa Barton would wear, and you know how much I hate that. Or maybe I’m just wishing my legs looked that good in an oversized satin sack, who knows? Talking of…

Designer v. High Street: Diane Von Furstenberg v. Dorothy Perkins

Good ol’ Dotty P’s, hey? Where would we be without it? This isn’t, of course, an exact copy: the DVF version is sleeveless, the DP version sleeved, the DVF version is pretty, the DP version.. not so much, but it’s a Diane Von Furstenberg copy for £20, for Christ’s sake, so quit your whining. The DVF dress is £295 from Net a Porter, the Dorothy Perkins dress, as we’ve mentioned, just £20. Take your pick, ladies…

Style Stealer: Nicole Ritchie’s Yellow Dress

Yellow. Such a difficult colour to wear. Nicole, though – well, Nicole here has managed to pull it off quite nicely. I think it might be something to do with the sun tan, or maybe I’m just blinded by her strangely shaggy wasitcoat. Anyway -should you be brave enough to steal Nicole’s style, this stretchy, figure-huggin’, celulite-reveallin’ little dress is only £18 in the Miss Selfridge sale. In other news! Nicole, it’s sweet that you and Paris are back together, it really is, and we know you two were probably up all night talking about how you’re Best Friends Forever again, so we’re not going to pull you up for going out in public in the clothes you slept in….

Designer v. High Street: Black and White Print Dress

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are heavily into print dresses at the moment – as evidenced by their fashion faux pas last night when they turned up in rather similar black and white dresses. I love this Anna Sui print dress, but at £275 from Net-a-Porter it’s just a wee bit out of my price range. Warehouse’s Floral Print Dress is just a fraction of the price at £70.

Mid Season Sales: Oasis Dresses

Oh how I love the sales. Not only did I score my £5 Gap skinnies this time round, I’ve seen about a million more things I’d love to buy if I only had the cash. Each of the three dresses above is down to just £30 in

Most Wanted: Munthe Plus Simonsen Black Bow Dress

My Net-a-Porter newsletter just popped into my inbox, and I fell instantly and hopelessly in love with this beautiful kermes wool dress. It has a lovely, ladylike glamour to it: totally the kind of thing I can imagine on someone like Jackie O, with a huge pair of Chanel sunglasses and a beautiful pair of courts. Love it. Want it. And, hey, guess what, it’s only £198 too. Now that’s not too bad for a designer dress, is it?

Fashion on a Budget: Grey Dresses

Grey. It’s everywhere right now, and if you’re not careful, it can be hella boring. We think grey is best when it comes in small packages: don’t go head to toe, just pick one statement piece and wear it well. This lurex dress isn’t so much grey as silver, but let’s not quibble. It’s only £25 from Dorothy Perkins, and it would look great over skinny jeans for a more dressed-down look. Don’t go rushing off to look for it on the website, though, because, well, it ain’t there. We’re reliably informed that it is part of the Autum/Winter collection, though, so keep your eyes peeled… More grey dresses behind the cut…   I actually seen the grey dress on…

Style Stealer: Mischa Barton’s Shift Dress

ASOS claim this cream button shift dress is “in the style of Mischa Barton”, but that’s not why we like it. We like it because it’s totally working the sixties style that’s everywhere at the moment (don’t let that put you off, though), and because, well, it’s cute. It’s also a mere £25. Bargain. See Mischa wearing one just like it behind the cut…