Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Phillip Lim v. TFNC

Behold, the black and white bib front dress! I predict great things from it this season, and so, apparently, does Phillip Lim, who’s selling this one for £395 at Net-a-Porter. TFNC, meanwhile, are asking just a little little bit less for their bib front dress, which you’ll find at ASOS for £40.

Dress of the Day: Green polka dot ‘Darling’ dress from Forever 21

‘Darling’ by name and darling by nature… I know the empire line on this dress would make me look pregnant, but it’s so sweet that I might even be persuaded to overlook that just this one. Of course, as far as I’m concerned, you can never have too much green and you can never have too many polka dots (note: you actually can, but I won’t tell if you don’t) so the combination of the two has me salivating on my keyboard. Nice image for your there. Anyway, it’s $27.80 at Forever 21, and cheap at twice the price, if you ask me.

Dress of the Day: Peter Som’s ‘Charlotte’ dress

Now, I’m sure I’ve seen this dress on some celebrity or other, but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was. Anyone? This isn’t the kind of style I’d usually go for, but if I was a celebrity (or if I just had $2095 begging to be spent), I’d snap up this dress in a flash. It’s Peter Som’s ‘Charlotte’ dress, and I’m loving the little chiffon sleeves, and the fact that the floaty chiffon on top is offset by the more structured shape of the shirt and bodice. So pretty, and so totally out of my current price league, that it’s going to have to remain a dream for now. Those of you who haven’t just…

Style Stealer: Victoria Beckham’s pink ‘Moon’ dress by Roland Mouret

So, I understand Victoria Beckham’s TV documentary didn’t go down too well in the States. That’s too bad. Love her or hate her, though, you surely must concede that this dress is to die for. It’s Roland Mouret’s ‘Moon’ dress, and I predict it’s going to be the Galaxy dress of this year. It’s available to pre-order in black and white (no hot pink though, I’m afraid – Posh must’ve beat them to it) at Net-a-Porter, but it’ll cost you £990, so those of us who don’t have access to David Beckham’s bank account might just have to wait until the inevitable high street copies come out. Buy: Victoria Beckham’s pink Roland Mouret dress

Dress of the Day: French Connection’s purple ‘Sinatra’ dress

I have to admit to a slight prejudice against French Connection. It’s partly because of the whole ridiculous "FCUK" thing ("Look! Our name looks a little bit rude! Hahaha!"), but it’s mostly because of the even more ridiculous sizing, which means that I can’t actually buy anything in their store, ever. This dress won’t be to everyone’s taste, and the lack of a defined waist means it wouldn’t suit me even if they did stock a size that fitted me, but I love that rich, purple colour and the balloon sleeves (which are a current favourite of mine). With the right accessories, this could be a show-stopper, in a simple, understated kind of way (if there is such a thing)….

Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Josh Goot v. Topshop

Time for a quick game of "Spot the Difference", my fashionable friends. On the left Josh Goot’s zip-front scuba dress; on the right Topshop’s zip-front bodyconscious dress. On the left, £320; on the right, £32. (Hey, maybe they just forgot the zero on the end?) I know which one I’d buy, is all I’m sayin’.* * Actually, I wouldn’t buy either of them. I’m afraid my years of wearing body-con dresses are long since past, by which I mean, "never even started". Gah.

Fabulously Fashionable: Jesica Biel’s white dress

This is a dress that, on paper at least, sounds like it really shouldn’t work. Bright white (a colour that only brides dare to wear most of the time), frills, cut outs on the hem, black bow round the bust… Actually, though, it’s gorgeous, and Jessica Biel looks gorgeous in it, with her strappy sandals and Febndi clutch bag.

Topshop’s Archive Collection contains some true crimes of fashion (But some nice things, too, thankfully…)

We told you about Topshop’s Archive Collection earlier this week, and today it actually launched, containing what Topshop describe as "the best of 60s and 70s British fashion". Unfortunately, as you can see from the images above, it contains some of the worst of British fashion, too. To be fair, both of the dresses pictures here are by Jean Varon, so maybe it’s just Jean Varon’s style I don’t like, but I think I’m going to be having nightmares about that brown maxi dress for a long time to come. I mean, where would you actually wear something like that, other than to a fancy dress party? Answers on a postcard, please… Luckily, there are some rather lovely pieces tucked…

Would you wear an animal print dress?

I love animals, I really do.  The thing is, though, I don’t love them enough to want to actually look like one, covering my entire body with their print. No, when it comes to animal print "less is more" has always been my motto, so while I love my fabulous, leopard print peep toes, there’s pretty much nothing that could induce me to slip into this off-shoulder leopard print dress by Blumarine. Even if it wasn’t $1665, that is. I think dresses like this just scream "trashy!", but then, eLuxury have just put this picture on the front page of their website, describing it as an "ultra-feminine" look. So who’s right, The Fashion Police or eLuxury? And would you wear…

Dress of the Day: White embroidered linen dress from Debenhams

I’m still telling myself that summer could still arrive here in the UK, and give me a reason to actually wear all of the summer clothes I bought for my honeymoon, and haven’t had on since. If summer did arrive, I’d be seriously tempted to splash out £24 (it’s just been reduced in the sale) on this white linen dress from Debenhams. And yes, I know I’m probably just drawn to it because of my current obsession with bows but I also like the blue and white together, which makes me think of summer holidays on the Greek islands. Not that I’m actually having a summer holiday on the Greek islands, but hey…

Dress of the Day: Anthropologie’s Groves of Palm sundress

While some floral prints really should come with a health warning, there are others I could definitely live with. This green strapless dress from Anthropologie might be a little too sweet to be wholesome where some of you are concerned, but I love it – and not just because it’s my favourite colour. This is one of those dresses that could be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion – but given that Anthropologie don’t actually ship to the UK, it doesn’t look like it’ll be seen on any of the occasions in my life. Shame.

Crime of Fashion: Matthew Williamson’s ‘Eva’ jersey dress

I realise I’m biased against "loud" prints. I realiset that, and I promise you, I’m trying hard to overcome that bias and be objective about this Matthew Williamson dress, but oh, Matthew, you’re not making it easy on me, are you? Because this? This looks like something a 1970s housewife would turn her nose up at. In fact, it’s the kind of print a 1970s housewife would probably reject for her dusters, given its resembelance to psychadelic sick. Add to that the slightly Western styling of the piping, and we have ourselves one train-wreck of a dress, don’t we?

Cheap summer essentials from Delia’s

I love Delia’s. I can’t help it: I know they’re firmly in the "cheap n’ cheerful" category, but trust me, when you get to see the sun as infrequently as I do, you really don’t want to be spending a huge amount of money on summer clothes. So far it’s been raining since forever here in the UK, and we’ve just been told that we can expect the bad weather to last – well, forever, really – so I’ve cheered myself up by doing a virtual shop. Here’s what I’d be buying from Delia’s for summer – if, of course, I could even remember what "summer" was… Product links after the jump.

Demand for Vintage Collection dresses crashes the Miss Selfridge website – Fashion Police not surprised

Oh my God, would you look at that prom dress! And the embroidered one! And would you look at that little sixties shift dress with the flowers! Could you not just eat them? (Note: The Fashion Police do not recommend eating the pretty dresses)  It’s like I’ve died and gone to dress heaven, but nope, I’ve just gone to the Miss Selfridge website, which crashed yesterday due to the sheer demand for these beautiful, vintage inspired pieces.  I can totally see why. Sadly, the level of demand means that most of these are already sold out, but fear not, fashion fans, Miss S say that new lines will be added every week. These aren’t cheap, mind you: the prom dress…

Dress of the Day: Shoshanna Eyelet Sundress in summery lemon

It’s been raining here since … well, since forever, really… but I’m still all about summer dresses. I like to imagine that I might one day get to wear one: it’s just a pipedream, but hey, you never know. If I was in a position to be buying a sundress right now, this lemon Shoshanna number would be right at the top of my list. I’ve been loving yellow since last winter, when it was around in mustard hues – for summer, this pale lemon is just right, and although this is, technically speaking, an empire waistline, which I normally hate, I think it’s defined enough not to matter. Gorgeous.

Crime of Fashion: Derek Lam’s drop waist mini dress

I love Derek Lam, I really do, but it would take a much braver woman than me to even try to pull this one off. Mini-length aside, all this dress needs is a pair of flesh coloured, wrinkled stockings and some sensible white "pensioner" sandals and you’ll be queuing up for your blue rinse and pension before you know it. Why dress your age when you can dress your grandma’s age and call it "fashion"? Why indeed. And who knows, it may be one of those pieces that looks way better on than it does off, but for £1015 I don’t think I’ll risk finding out….

ASOS launch ASOS luxe – expensive clothes in luxury fabrics. (Some fugly things, too!)

Remember the days when ASOS sold mostly cheap dresses that, to quote my mother, "you could spit peas through"? Gone are those days. Now ASOS are all, "Who, us? Cheap? No way – can we interest you in an £800 Chloe handbag, mebbe?" OK, so they still are cheap a lot of the time, but they have been working hard to drag themselves up in the world by the scruff of their tunic dresses, and the result is ASOS Luxe – a limited edition collection of  clothes, shoes and accessories in luxury fabrics. Some of the dresses are really quite nice, but wait, what’s this I see? Shoes that wrap way the hell up your leg? Oh lordy, no. We…

Dress of the Day: Chloe’s ‘Secretary’ dress – one for Ugly Betty’s Amanda

Oh all of TV’s fictional characters, it’s Ugly Betty’s Amanda whose style I admire the most. Amanda isn’t exactly what you’d call "cutting edge", but, oh, those little pencil skirts, those cute, tailored tops, the short-shorts that only women with legs like Amanda herself can get away with! The shoes! Amanda is the personification of the "sexy secretary" look, and if she was real, I think she’d love this aptly-named "secretary" dress by Chloe. It doesn’t look like much on the mannequin, but I bet this would be a killer dress on someone with the right figure for it – and I love the little Amanda-esque flap at the front. At £810, you’re not going to afford it on a…

Dress of the Day: Broderie anglaise puff-sleeve white dress from Mango

We were mean to Mango yesterday (not sayin’ they didn’t deserve it, mind you) but we love them really, so I’ve decided to make amends today by making this cute white puff sleeve dress our Dress of the Day. I’m going through a bit of a "white dress" phase at the moment (I have no idea why: it hasn’t stopped raining here since May), and I seem to be always going through a puff-sleeve phase, so no wonder this dress caught my eye. The broderie anglaise on the sleeve adds a bit of detail and is very pretty and summery – I don’t like this particular belt with the dress (even although I actually own that belt – oops) but…