On Trial: All Saints’ Tornquist dress

All Saints’ ‘Tornquist’ dress was one of the most talked about dresses of the summer. It was touted in some quarters as a fashion "must have", but I’ve yet to see anyone actually wearing it, which makes me wonder whether that bold shape was just a little too bold for some people… I actually love the look of this. That’s not to say I’d wear it – hell, I live in a one-horse town, where even skinny jeans are considered "daring" – but I do love to look at it, and although the outsize pockets remind me of a pair of horse’s nosebags, it sill has a slouchy kind of appeal to it that I like. How about you? Fashion…

Dress(es) of the Day: 80s style prom dresses at River Island

After the 70s style flares and platforms, I figured it was time for a change of pace, so today’s Dress of the Day comes to us courtesy of River Island, who seem to be having themselves a bit of an 80s moment with this double-whammy of  prom dresses. The £49.99 white lace puffball dress is a little too Like-a-Virgin-era Madonna for my tastes (add a lace headband and fingerless gloves, though, and you’re good to go out as Desperately Seeking Susan for Halloween), although it is rather pretty. The jacquard racer-back dress (£69.99), though, is to die for, and is actually pretty timeless. Wear with black patent peep toes and clutch bag, and leave the fingerless gloves at home… Related:…

Dress of the Day: Black satin dress by Karen Millen

Black satin dresses are everywhere right now. Katie Holmes was snapped in one yesterday, but don’t let that put you off – it’s a classic look that can look fabulous if you get the right dress, and for me, this £160 Karen Millen number is the right dress.  With its nipped-in waist and bishop sleeves, this adds more interest with the shaped neckline, which is just low and wide enough to reveal your collarbone, without being so low as to look tacky. Wear with a pair of this season’s black patent shoes or thrown on some metallics to give you a bit of contrast. And if the dress is too much, there’s a matching jacket to buy instead…

Wardrobe Essentials: Simple, chic dresses from Dorothy Perkins

Every girl should have a simple, classic little dress in her wardrobe, and Dorothy Perkins have loads of them in stock at the moment. These are the kind of dresses that  don’t look like much on the hanger, but are totally versatile, letting you dress them up with heels and jewellery or down with tights and a cardigan as required. I have my eye on the the grey pleat dress in the centre, which is a bargain at £20, but I wouldn’t say no to the other two, either…

Dress of the Day: Plum babydoll mini dress from Notte by Marchesa

Realistically, I know I shouldn’t even like this dress. I’ve learned to my cost that empire lines just aren’t flattering on my particular shape, but still I keep finding myself drawn to them – on the mannequins, at least. This one by Notte by Marchesa is absolutely adorable, from the plum colour and black velvet band all the way to those short, ruffled sleeves. So adorable,  in fact, that  if I had the spare £595 required to purchase this dress, it would be in my shopping bag right now – even although it would probably make me look pregnant …

Dress of the Day: Jasmine Guinness blue chiffon prom dress

I’ve had my eye on this Jasmine Guinness prom dress for a few weeks now, and I have no idea why. The high waist wouldn’t be flattering on my figure, blue isn’t really my colour and I have absolutely nowhere to wear it, but I’m drawn back to look at it again and again. I think it’s mostly the colour: it’s not a colour I really wear (in fact, I don’t own anything in this particular shade) but it’s such a rich, vibrant blue that it cheers me up just to look at it. If it cheers you up enough to make you want to buy it, it’s £95 at Oli

Dress of the Day: Grey corsgae dress by Vera Wang

I’m seriously considering asking someone to block the Net-a-Porter website from my computer. I mean, I work from home; I spend most days in skinny jeans and vest tops, and entire days can pass without me seeing anyone other than my husband  and the postman. Clearly, then, I have no use for this Vera Wang dress, but  because  Net-a-Porter will show it to me, I’m now sitting here entertaining thoughts along the lines of "Well, I could totally just wear it around the house, what’s to stop me?" and "$1300 isn’t that much, is it?" Damn you, Net-a-Porter. Go pick on someone your own size…

On Trial: Anna Sui’s newspaper print dress

I don’t think I’d have a whole lotta love for Anna Sui’s newspaper print dress  even if we were to take the nature of the print out of the equation – that frilly neck and pussy bow is way too "frou frou" for my simple tastes – but  let’s face it, it’s not helping much, is it?  A dress that people can read – or that people might want to wrap their fish and chips in – isn’t my idea of fun, but then again, I don’t hate it enough to make it a Crime of Fashion, so I’ve decided to throw caution to winds and put it up On Trial. What do you think? Is it fun and fabulous,…

Crime of Fashion: Striped dress by What Goes Around Comes Around

I’m trying really hard to imagine what kind of event you might wear a dress like this to, but I’m coming up with nothing, here folks. I would say "bed", but I’m guessing most people under the age of 70 probably don’t go in much for the "Wee Willie Winkie" bedtime look, do they? All this model needs is a bed cap and a tall candle and she’ll be ready to step right back into the Grimm fairytale she looks like she just stepped out of. What’s even more weird about this, though, is that the rest of the What Goes Around Comes Around line is actually pretty cute – then there’s this. It’s currently reduced from $160 to $48….

Dress of the Day – the classic little black dress by Coast

You just can’t go wrong with a little black dress, can you? Dress it up with pearls and stilettos, dress it down with a cardi and flats; wear it to dinner, to parties – wear it to work if you want, and if it’s the right kind of little black dress. This ‘Annora’ black dress from Coast wouldn’t exactly be suitable for work, given that it’s made from Duchesss satin, but you will be able to wear it to just about every kind of formal occassion you can think of. This is one of those dresses that you’ll hold onto for years and will make you feel good every time you wear it. It’s the kind of dress everyone should…

Dress of the Day: Vintage white eyelet dress from the 1960s

It’s not often we feature vintage dresses on Dress of the Day  (actually, scratch that – it’s not AT ALL we feature vintage dresses in this feature – this is the first one) but this one was too pretty to resist. That sweetheart neckline! That tiny little waist! Those cute, broderie anglaise ruffles on the skirt! This dates from the 1960s but it would still look fabulous today for a summer garden party or some other warm-weather, dressed-up event. Just imagine how well you could accessorise it with bright heels and a clutch bag! Love it, don’t love the price – $255 at Posh Girl Vintage.

Dress of the Day: Michael Kors’ gold tweed sheath dress

It’s those bateau necklines  again, folks – dontchya just love them? I love them – but of course, you knew that – and what I love even more is the fact that dresses with actual waistlines are slowly but surely staging a comeback. I got so excited last winter when I realised that 60s fashion was going to be the "in" thing (I love me some retro, for sure), but then it turned out to be all tent-like sack dresses and empire lines, meaning that I was forced to spend the entire season in jeans again. Now, however, the waistlines are back in town. This gold tweed dress by Michael Kors has a real "Mrs Robinson" feel about it. It’s…

Crime of Fashion: Lanvin’s winged sleeve satin dress

Maybe it looks better on. Do you think it maybe looks better on? Because, let’s face it, it couldn’t really look much worse than it does off, could it? I mean, how many times have you woken up and thought, "You know what, I really wish I had some big-ass hips and shoulder. Big hips and shoulders are, like, so 2007." Because they’re not, are they? No, the big hips and shoulders thing come to us courtesy of about 1984, actually – and courtesy of Lanvin, who want to sell you this dress for a cool £1495. Will you be buying, though?

Dress of the Day: A.B.S ivory satin contrast bow dress

Having been born in Scotland, with skin that’s roughly the same colour as this ABS dress, stark white isn’t a colour I’m ever going to get along with, unfortunately. I mean, if I wore this, I’d basically look like I was walking around naked, with a giant bow tattoo on my boobs. Not a great look. For those of you with warmer skin tones, though, this could look absolutely gorgeous with the right accessories. I’m not normally a fan of black and white (unless they’re on shoes, in which case I love them together), but as the trim on the bow is black, I’d be tempted to go with matching black shoes and handbag. Yum.

Fashion Trends: Bateau necks and big bows = Fashion Police love

Y’all know by now that I love me some big bows. What you might not know, is that I also love bateau necks – big time. Net-a-Porter have two great  examples of both of these in at the moment – Diane Von Furstenberg’s bateau neck wrap dress (which has a gorgeous, deep V at the back) and this utterly fabulous oversized bow coat  by Erotokritos. I’d sell my soul for either one, but if I had to choose, I’d probably go for the coat, which would be the item that would get the most wear. Good to see bateau necks in fashion for Fall, though – The Fashion Police definitely approve!

THAT Kate Moss for Topshop dress on sale for £25

What a difference a few weeks make, eh? Not so long ago, people were queuing up for hours to get their hands on the Kate Moss for Topshop range, and pieces from it were selling on eBay for hugely inflated prices. Now, one of the most coveted items from the range, the white one-shouldered dress, is in the Topshop sale for £25. Yes, £25. Needless to say, there’s not much stock left at the Topshop website where you’ll only be in luck if you take a UK size 14, but if you have a Topshop near you and were one of the people who was desperate to get their hands on this dress, now might be a good time to…

Dress of the Day: Black and white “Dollbaby” polka dot dress by Nanette Lepore

So, it’s 4.50pm on a Wednesday. I should be starting to think about making dinner, maybe getting out and mowing the lawn, like I’ve been promising myself I’ll do for… oooh, about four weeks now. Instead, I’m sitting drooling over this little retro dress by Nanette Lepore. Oh, My-Wardrobe.com, why must you taunt me! I’m going on holiday in three weeks: I need shorts, bikinis, flip flops… I have enough dresses to fill at least three suitcases, and I know I’ll probably end up slobbing around in shorts for two weeks, anyway. But damn, I want this dress. I want to wear it with forties-style mary janes and a matching clutch bag. And I want one of those old fashioned…

On Trial: Religion’s twist front stripe dress

Talk about schizophrenic…. This twist front dress by Religion just can’t make it’s mind up what kind of stripey to be. Will it be wide stripes or narrow stripes? Vertical or horizontal? Personally, I have no problem at all making up my mind whether this is a crime of fashion or not – I think it’s a big old schizophrenic mess, and I’d have no qualms whatsoever about sending it straight to the Fashion Police jail-house, but what do you think? Do you agree with me, or do you want to stand bail and set it free? (If you do, bail is set at £45, and you can stump up for it at the Oli website)

Dress of the Day: Grey lace trim dress by Metropolis

I know I’m an entire season too late here, but I’m really loving grey at the moment. Grey jeans, grey sweaters, and, of course, grey dresses – bring ’em on. Just not all at the same time, obviously. This lace trim pencil dress by Metropolois is very "Amanda from Ugly Betty" with its tailored shape and little nipped in waist: Amanda would probably wear it with skyscraper heels, but it could also look good with black knee high boots and a cardi over the top, for winter.