river island pink prom dress

Dress of the Day: River Island pink prom dress

River Island pink prom dress, £65 This one is possibly too sweet to be wholesome (What do you really expect from a post labelled “pink prom dress” though?) and it’s definitely aimed at the younger end of the market, but for a high street dress, we think it’s pretty cute. We also think we see a tulle underskirt lurking under the skirt: that grants it almost automatic DOTD status… Buy it

dress of the day

Dress of the Day: Trashy Diva Honey Child Dress

Trashy Diva Honey Child Dress, £163 Trashy Diva’s ‘Honey’ dress is a Fashion Police favourite, and we’d own one in every colour if we possibly could. This season it’s been re-vented as ‘Honey Child’, which uses the same crumbcatcher-style bodice as ‘Honey’, but with a pencil skirt rather than a full one. We love this beautiful blue colour, but if you prefer the original shape of the Honey dress, you’ll be happy to know that it’s now available in this colour too. Buy it

Coast Glamour bow dress in blue

Our 900th Dress of the Day: Coast Glamour Bow Dress

Coast Glamour Bow Dress, £175 It’s hard to believe it, but this dress is our 900th Dress of Day. We started the feature back in 2006, and while there have been a few hiatuses along the way, we’ve been doing our best to bring you a daily dose of  (mostly retro-inspired) delightful dresses ever since. Last week we wrote about the importance of having a signature style, and our admiration for those who do. Dress of the Day is our way to share The Fashion Police’s “signature style” with you, and to mark the occasion of our 900th post, we think  Coast’s Glamour Bow Dress does a pretty good job of summing that up: the classic shape, the bold colour, the giant bow… these are…

Preen Line Ivy paneled stretch-cotton drill dress

Dress of the Day: Preen Line Ivy paneled stretch-cotton drill dress

Preen Line Ivy paneled stretch-cotton drill dress, $715 Although the skirt-like waistband and contrast panel on the bodice take this dress dangerously close to “Stuck Together Clothes” territory, we’re willing to forgive it: partly because we’d probably forgive this dress just about anything, but also because if ALL S-T-Cs looked like this, we may not even consider them a Crime of Fashion in the first place. Oh yeah, and also because we’re complete suckers for this kind of full skirt. Show us a full skirted dress, we’ll show you a Dress of the Day… Buy it

clothes ripper

Clothes Ripper strikes again: little black dress is latest victim

The clothes ripper strikes again! Late last night, The Fashion Police were called out to a crime scene over at Yoox.com where we were confronted with the terrible sight you see before you: a little black dress, ripped to shreds, and left for dead. It didn’t take us long to identify a suspect in this terrible crime of fashion: it was immediately obvious that this was the work of none other than our old enemy… THE CLOTHES RIPPER Duh-duh-duuuuuuh. (We know: dramatic, huh?) We have no idea what the victim did – if anything – to deserve this vicious attack. All we can say is that while it might once have been a dull, but useful black dress, it’s now…

Oscar de la Renta embroidered silk-organza dress

Dress of the Day: Oscar de la Renta embroidered silk-organza dress

  Oscar de la Renta embroidered silk-organza dress, $6,190 This is absolutely beautiful. As much as we love it, though (and we love it a lot), it’s here purely as eye candy, because, seriously, folks: $6,000 for a dress? If anyone needs us, we’ll be lying down in a darkened room with a nice stiff drink on the bedside table… Buy it

trompe l'oleil dress

Style Trial: Venera Arapu trompe l’oeil printed silk satin dress

Venera Arapu trompe l’oeil printed silk satin dress, £292 The more we look at this, the more it messes with our minds, and makes us wonder if it’s kinda cool or kinda creepy. It’s like a designer version of one of those novelty “bikini body” aprons people sometimes wear in the kitchen, to “hilarious” effect, isn’t it? It’s also like looking at a model with four arms. Which is… interesting. This dress is on the flimsy side as it is. Add in the “come hither” pose of the model (the one ON the dress, not the one IN the dress), and we have to wonder how you’d feel about wearing this. It’s definitely going to be an attention-getter, that’s for…

The Best Dresses of 2012

We’ve spent most of this week looking back at some of the biggest fashion crimes of the past year. But it’s Friday, it’s almost Christmas, and we’re feeling generous, so today we thought we’d end the week on a positive note, by showing you some of our favourite dresses of 2012. We’ve done our best to note where each of the dresses in the gallery came from (you can find it by opening the image and reading the text beneath it), but please be aware that this is a retrospective going all the way back to January, so many of these items will no longer be available – they’re simply here to be rewarded for their services to style!

ugly dresses

The Ugliest Dresses of 2012

As we start to wind-down towards the holiday season, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the best – and worst – of the year just gone. And because we’re The Fashion Police, and we specialise in ugly clothing crimes, we’re mostly going to be focusing on the worst. We;ll, it’s what we do. We’re starting off with a look back at some of the ugliest dresses of 2012. These dresses were all arrested at some point during 2012, and you’ll find our original crime reports here. Which is the ugliest?

denim dresses

Style Trial: River Island denim cut out stud sleeveless shirt dress

Denim dresses are one of those items which can divide opinion. We know some women who love them, and describe them as wardrobe staples which can never go out of style, but then again, we know OTHER women who think they’re the tackiest thing since Britney’s Vegas wedding, and who wouldn’t be seen dead in one. Indeed, there are those who take the stance that denim should really only ever be used on jeans, which rules out, not just denim dresses, but also denim skirts and jackets. Hardcore! Speaking of Britney: this River Island denim stud dress looks to us a lot like something she might wear, and for that reason alone, we think it’s probably going to be a…

D&G Printed silk and denim dress

Stuck Together Clothes Crimes: D&G Printed silk and denim dress

A denim mini-skirt, attached to a low-cut scarf top, with a non-existent back. If we’d been asked to guess, we’d probably have assumed this came from Wet Seal, or some other teen-orientated clubbing emporium. But no, it’s a $545 designer creation, by none other than our old friends D&G. And it’s sold out. Which just goes to show what we know, eh?

Is the dress too short or is the model just too tall for it?

Is the dress too short or is the model just too tall for it?

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Ruched Side Bodycon Dress, £18 We were all set to arrest this “dress” for secretly being a top, and for being so short the model wouldn’t even be able to sit down in it without showing everyone her undies. Then the penny dropped: the dress is from the ASOS Petite range. If the model isn’t (which, let’s face it, wouldn’t be unusual: we’re very used to seeing plus-sized lines modelled by super-slim models, and petite lines worn by very tall ones: it’s one of the many reasons modelling is so very hard…), then that would definitely explain the length, wouldn’t it? ASOS normally put the model’s height and the size she’s wearing on their product descriptions, to…


High Street Shopping: Topshop clean t-shirt satin maxi dress

We’ve always been slightly suspicious of maxi dresses. Oh, don’t get us wrong: we like them… on other people. On other people, the maxi dress can look effortlessly elegant, casual-yet-dressy, and that little bit different from all of the other dresses out there. On us, though? On us, a maxi dress can easily make us look like we’re en route to a costume party: or like we’ve just been watching far too much Downton Abbey. And honestly, the length issues alone are enough to put us off, because if you’re anything less than model height, you’ll know that any maxi dress you try to pluck off the racks will trail along the floor behind you, gathering dust bunnies and other…

Stop Staring emerald dess

Ten fabulous retro dresses

Dress: Collectif Way back in 2009, we posted a list of our Top Ten retro dresses, and to this day it’s still one of the most popular posts on the entire site. That list is looking a little dated now, and many of the dresses have long-since sold out, so we thought it was time we updated it. This isn’t a “top ten”, it’s simply a collection of some of our favourite examples of retro-inspired style from around the web. We hope you enjoy!

High Street Shopping: Miss Selfridge lace prom dresses

[Buy here and here] We weren’t sure which of these two dresses to show you, so we’re spoiling you by featuring them both… These are a little more expensive than most of the pieces you tend to find in Miss Selfridge (they’re £135 and £85 respectively), but they’re also a little more special, with their mix of tulle, lace and floral appliqué, for a very delicate, pretty look. These have obviously been released with the Christmas party season in mind, but will work all year round, as long as you can find an occasion special enough to wear them!

Fantasy Shopping: Suzanne ‘Kaleidoscope’ retro cocktail dress

Could we afford this? Not even in our wildest dreams. Would we have somewhere to wear it, even if we could? Nuh-uh. Or not unless the Fashion Police uniforms get some serious upgrading, anyway. Or we decide to get married in 1955. Do any of the above points stop us totally coveting this dress, and reaching out to stroke the screen lovingly, ever time we look at it? Nope, not for a second. Well, it’s called ‘Fantasy Shopping” for a reason, you know: no one ever claimed these clothes had to be practical, did they? Just in case you don’t have an upcoming engagement at the alter, and DO have a spare $1,350 burning a hole in your bank account, here’s…

99p party dress

Introducing the 99p party dress

We all like a bargain, don’t we? Well, we certainly do, anyway. And with the Christmas consumer season looming on the horizon (Christmas is “just around the corner” according to the press releases we receive. Which is actually news to us: we’d assumed it would be at the end of December, like it always is!), bargain-hunting can be even more important at this time of year: who really has the cash to splash out on an expensive, wear-once-then-consign-to-the-back-of-the-closet party dress when there are all those gifts to buy – not to mention food, and all of the other expenses that come with the season? Well, fear not, bargain hunters, for this season you will be able to buy yourself a…

Miss Selfridge party dress

Roundup: Ten Perfect Party Dresses

Most days, we’re happy to be out there, trawling the internet for crimes of fashion, and keeping style safe from fashion criminals. Other days, we just want to look at some pretty dresses. Today is one of the “other days”, so here are ten of our current favourite party dresses from the UK high street: enjoy!