Underwear as Outerwear: ASOS BLACK Lace Overlay Crini Dress

This ASOS dress reminds us of those nightmares we sometimes have where it’s our wedding day and we’re just about to start walking down the aisle when we glance down and realise we forgot to put our dress on, and are standing there in our bridal underwear instead. And don’t get us wrong: it’s NICE underwear. It’s just… it’s underwear. Some will want to insist it’s “sexy” to go out dressed like this. When we see the back view, though, we just want to giggle: Seriously, if we saw someone out in public like this, we’d want to run up to her, throw our coats around her and say, “OMG, how embarrassing! Your skirt’s tucked into your knickers!” But of…

Wear or Die: Denim Dress Edition

If you love denim dresses, this edition of Wear or Die will be right up your, er, ranch. If you don’t love denim dresses, on the other hand… well, look at it this way: at least it’s better that death, right? Death or denim, you see, is the choice that lies before you today, readers. You must choose one of the two dresses above to wear (in public, remember: no “Oh, I’ll just wear it around the house,” answers – that doesn’t count!), or you must die. Simple, isn’t it? So, which one will you choose? Option A: D&G silk denim-print pussybow dress Option B: Democracy of Nevermind denim skirt jumper

Red Valentino attach skirt to waterproof jacket

A sheer dress attached to a cagoule. Well, well, well. Handy for those times when you find yourself attending a party in the pouring rain. Not so handy for… well, any other occasion at all really. The kicker? You’ll pay 270 of our British pounds in order to look like this. The other kicker?

Missoni Amalia knitted dress

Dress or Top? Missoni Amalia knitted dress

Yes, you are reading that correctly.  Missoni think this is a dress.  The Fashion Police would wager that if something doesn’t cover your butt, it is not, in fact, a dress.  We would call it a top. Fortunately My Theresa (the site on which this misnomer was spotted) recognise this and have posted the warning: “Rather short and very sweet. Style it as a top or dress.”  And we are very grateful that they have because you just know that someone (Lindsey Lohan, Lady Gaga, usual suspects) will try to wear this as a dress with nothing but large pants and tights (if we’re lucky) underneath it.  My Theresa have even styled it with trousers so you know they are…

Dolce and Gabbana contrast leo print dress

Style On Trial: Double leopard print

We all know double denim is back with a bang this summer, but what about this dress, readers?  What do you think of double leopard print? Now the Fashion Police are partial to a bit of leopard print – shoes, cardigans, tank tops – we own them all.  But would we wear them all at the same time?  Probably not.  So when we came across this dress (the stuck together equivalent of a leopard print skirt worn with a leopard print top) we weren’t sure what to make of it. That’s why we’re putting it on trial with you.  Would you wear this or should it be forever consigned to Fashion Police jail? If you like it and want to…

Mark Fast for Topshop: Sheer dresses on the high street

We’re hoping this goes without saying (although, honestly, you can never really be too sure these days), but if you ARE going to buy into the “look, I’m barely clothed!” trend, please, for the love of Gaga, wear something underneath these “dresses”? Or even over them. That might be better. Also: don’t you love how the sleeves add an extra £85 to the price, but not much actual coverage? Awesome… Get them at Topshop.

Get the sad-sack look: DP Collection print maxi dress

This could actually be a decent dress. The colours are pretty, the print is unusual, and the maxi is an easy way to glam in the summer heat. But the cut of this particular dress is just impossibly poor! Just look at the picture and tell us what you see… Sagging breasts and a bloated stomach? Yup, us too. The Fashion Police were tempted to believe that it might look ok on a model or mannequin. A visit to the website showed they were sadly mistaken. However, should you feel you could make this dress work this summer, you can grab it from the Dorothy Perkins website for £38.

Wear or Die: Couture Week Edition – Givenchy 2010

Readers, you SHALL go to the ball! Yes, your Fairy Godmother Fashion Police Officers have waved our magic wands, and tonight we’re taking you all out to the fanciest ball you can imagine. And what’s more, we’ve scored you a couple of couture gowns to wear too, courtesy of Givenchy. The only tiny problem? It’s the two dresses pictured above. And if you don’t choose one of them to wear to the ball? Well, you die. Them’s the breaks. Which dress will you choose, then, assuming that you must wear one, or die? Tell us in the comments!

Calvin Klein re-issues Cher’s white dress from Clueless, charges $916 for it

Mel: What the hell is that?  Cher: A dress. Mel: Says who? Cher: Calvin Klein! Who didn’t love Clueless? The clothes! The quote-ability! That amazing revolving closet! And, of course, the white strappy Calvin dress that almost got Cher into all kinds of trouble with dad… If you loved the Cher look, you may be happy to know that Calvin Klein has reissued that dress in both red and white, as a limited edition, through a collaboration with Confederacy. Or, at least, you’ll be happy until we tell you they’re selling it for $916. Yup, for a dress that may well be “iconic”, but which still essentially looks like one of American Apparel’s jersey chemises, or something very similar: Fashion victims,…

Designer Vs High Street: ASOS Black do Viktor & Rolf’s ‘hip dress’

Of all the dresses we thought would be safe from the threat of the high-street copycat, this one from Viktor & Rolf’s Spring 2010 collection should’ve been somewhere at the top of the list. Sure, the collection was full of the most amazing examples of fashion-as-art, but would the woman-on-the-street wear it, we wondered? Probably not (although, then again, it all depends on which street you’re talking about, doesn’t it?). This is why we were just a little surprised to see ASOS Black try their hand at a high-street version of the famous design. Their dress is $202, comes with extravagantly ruffled hips and a slightly more muted colour palette than the Viktor & Rolf original, but have they succeeded…

Designer Vs High Street: Polka dot dresses by Giambattista Valli & Oasis

Our Fraud Squad officers took a long, hard look at these two dresses, but ultimately decided there were just enough differences between them to keep Oasis on the right side of the law. With that said, there are a lot of similarities between them, too. Giambattista Valli’s polka dot dress was a Dress of the Day back in February, and comes with a waist belt and ruffled sleeves. Oasis’s ruffle spot print dress, meanwhile, is new for Spring/Summer 2010, and comes with… a waist belt and ruffled sleeves. Lots of similarities, then, a few points of difference, and, overall, a great, designer-inspired bargain for anyone who loved this style. Which do you prefer?

Spotted! Maggie Gyllenhaal wears Yves Saint Laurent to fragrance launch

Maggie Gyllenhaal wore a pink strapless Yves Saint Laurent dress to the launch of Belle D’Opium, by the same designer. This seems like one of those perfect summer dresses that can be worn to both casual and dressier occasions, and it suits Gyllenhaal well. The sweetheart neckline and gathered fabric create a really flattering line. While we hear the perfume is a bit overbearing, this dress is chic and subtle. What do you think?

Bordelle: taking the underwear as outerwear trend too far

This is not lingerie. This is a “dress”. A £595 / $888 “dress”. Expensive way to get arrested: and not necessarily only by The Fashion Police, either… Where should the line between “underwear” and “outerwear” be drawn, do you think? Because lately that line seems to be an invisible one for some designers, and, well, not to put too fine a point on it, we can think of a lot of people we’d rather NOT see in their undies. What do you think? Do you want to see sights like this out in public? (Um, male readers don’t have to answer that…)

Heirloom commit double-denim clothes crime: and other crimes, besides!

How many crimes of fashion can you spot in this image, readers? Let’s count ’em together: 1: It’s double-denim. Yeah, we know it’s painfully trendy right now, but we still see a Texas Tuxedo here, and we can’t get on board with it, can you? 2. The “jacket” and “skirt” are stuck together. That’s one count of Stuck-Together-Clothes, right there. Why would you want your jacket to be stuck to your skirt, we ask you? 3. It’s made to look like the jacket has been tucked into the skirt? Who tucks their jacket into their skirt? WHO? OK, so that’s only three crimes (Unless, of course, you can spot another that we’ve missed?) but somehow the overall impression created by…

Suspect Roundup: dresses from the Erin Fetherston Resort preview

Erin Fetherston is previewing her Resort collection this week and since we love dresses and she loves dresses, we thought we’d show you some of her latest. We love the strapless/tank top hybrid dresses that are a cornerstone of the collection, especially the print version. The girlie one-shouldered dress verges on being a  bit bridesmaidish, but we’d still love to be a bridesmaid in that wedding. If you’re loving the collection, be sure to check out the French film “L’Amant, which Fetherston names as her inspiration for Resort. “I wanted to capture an effortless, chic sesnsibility in an offering with lots of mix and matchability,” she said.