Amanda Wakeley silk-crepe shirt dress

Dressing gown chic strikes gain: Amanda Wakeley’s silk-crepe shirt dress

No, really it is a dress. Yes, even though it comes with a matching nightdress slip, it is insistently, a dress. A £395 shirt dress, in point of fact. And at that price, definitely not one you’d want to risk dripping your marmalade on at breakfast! After all the furore caused by the underwear as outerwear trend, the whole “dressing gown as dress” scandal admittedly seems a bit tame. But we’re not the type of officers to let the small stuff slide simply because we have bigger fish to fry… (Bra dresses, we’re still coming for you!) And in truth? We quite fancy lounging around the house with our hair in curlers and our lips painted scarlet, looking glamourous in…

Style on Trial: The Unholy Alliance of Leopard and Gingham

Sequined leopard print and … gingham. They’re not the first prints we’d choose to put together, it has to be said. One is sweet, the other not-so-much, and even when they’re both sprinkled liberally with sequins, as in this Ashish dress, the effect is… well, let’s start with unexpected (which can, of course, be either a good thing or a bad thing) and work from there, shall we? Pattern mixing, you see, is pretty popular at the moment in the world of fashion, and it’s something that can be hard to get right, so what we want to know is: did Ashish manage it with this dress? Have they pulled off the unholy alliance of gingham and leopard with aplomb,…

Real Life Fashion Police: Bette Davis sues Stop Staring

Looks like the real life Fashion Police have caught up with one of our favourite retailers: the estate of screen legend Bette Davis is currently suing Stop Staring for selling the dress shown above as the “Bette Davis dress” – an action which the actress’s estate claims infringes her right to publicity. They’re demanding that the dress be withdrawn from sale, and that they be paid damages. Our first thought upon reading this was “damn, that’s a nice dress!” Sadly it seems to be already on the hard to find side, but we did manage to track down a couple of the dresses here, retailing for 130 euros. [source]

The Bra Dress reaches its logical conclusion

We all saw this one coming, didn’t we? We’ve been logging multiple incidents of bra dresses for months now, so it stood to reason that the bra dresses of the world would elect a leader, and that the leader they chose would feature an ACTUAL bra, with a handy “boob window” through which to showcase it. That dress is by Roberto Cavalli, and it’ll set you back “just” £1,060 / $1640. And all night, people will wonder what on earth happened that left you looking like this… The next step in the evolution of the bra dress? Why, dresses with boob windows but NO attached bra, of course! (Click here to buy it)

Style on Trial: Aqua Cut-Out Cuckoo Dress

There’s a cuckoo in the nest, folks. Well, a cuckoo dress, anyway. By now, we’re all pretty used to Aqua’s quirky take on dress fashion, not to mention their love of unexpected cut-outs and the flashing of flesh. Some of you love the Aqua look, and some of you don’t, but whatever your feelings about it, we want you to put them out of your minds and concentrate instead on this dress that stands before you now, On Trial. This dress pleads innocent to the charge of committing crimes against fashion. As the members of the jury, however, it’s up to you to decide. So, how do you find it – guilty or innocent? (Click here to buy it)

Unfinished Business: PROENZA SCHOULER’s three-quarter length dress

The Proenza Schouler team apparently took the terms “three quarter length” dress a little too literally here: looks like they got three quarters of the way through making it, then thought, “Ah, what the hell, let’s open a few beers instead!” What’s strange about this is that three-quarters of the dress doesn’t mean three-quarters of the price, and this retails for £450: not bad for three quarters of a day’s work! Nice work if you can get it, guys, and if you can get it, well, you may as well just keep on doing it, and maybe even charge as much as £760 for it, no? (Click here to buy)

Aqua’s ‘Butcher’ dress: also appropriately named

So, this trend for clothes that don’t have even the slightest chance of looking good on anyone except a model, or those who have model-like figures? We’d really like that to stop now. We’re begging you here, designers. Also, this dress? It’s going to allow you to take VPL to a whole new level, isn’t it? Awesome. (Click here to buy)

Trashy Diva Rosalind dress

Wanted: Trashy Diva Rosalind dress

We came across the Trashy Diva website (thanks to reader Kat) and wanted, well, just about everything if we’re honest.  Contrary to its name, the site stocks gorgeous fitted frocks, jackets, skirts and wonderful accessories.  In particular though, we were rather taken with this Rosalind dress.  The site describes it as ‘very slimming’ and we can definitely see that that would be the case. If you love this dress as much as we do, it’s $275 at Trashy Diva.

Ugly Dresses: A Fashion Police Gallery

Ugly dresses. They make The Fashion Police cry. And, OK, sometimes they make us laugh, too. Here are just a few of the dresses currently residing in our jail: and if you’re looking for our Ugly Prom Dress Gallery you’ll have to click here!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Ida sweater dress

Stuck-Together-Clothes Crimes: Marc Jacobs finally learns!

At last!  A designer has sat up and taken notice of what we keep saying about sticking items of clothing together.  If you must do it (and really, is there any reason to do it?) designers, then please take heed of Mr Marc Jacobs.  For he has created a sweater and skirt and cuffs, stuck together only by buttons.  Buttons that unfasten, and give you three separate items of clothing.  We like it, Mr Jacobs.  The dress looks cute as an ensemble and each piece works separately too.  Is this a first?  Stuck together clothes that aren’t actually stuck together? We like this, but what do you think?  Would you buy a 3-in-1 or would you rather choose the pieces…

Aqua Cape Of No Hope Lace Maxi Dress : appropriately named

Aqua have named this dress the “Cape of No Hope” dress. Sometimes these posts just write themselves, you know? Thanks to their “stating the obvious” naming, we need hardly point out that: 1. This model is only wearing half a dress. 2. There is no hope left for the fashion world. We’ll simply say, then, that this creation is £155, and you can click here to buy it from ASOS.

Wanted! Hybrid pencil dresses at ASOS

For reasons that aren’t particularly clear to us, our favourite (and not-so-favourite) fashion criminals have been keeping a low profile this week, which is good news in a way as the temporary cease-fire gives us more time to look at pretty dresses online. The latest brand to catch our attention is called Hybrid, and has just started to be stocked at ASOS. We’re loving the fitted pencil dresses from this collection: good for work, but also perfect for parties, and we reckon Joan Holloway would approve, too, which is always a pretty good yardstick for us: WWJD – What Would Joanie Do? (Why, she’d buy the dresses, of course! They’re around £85 each and you can click here to buy…

Plastic Fantastic? Michael Kors cutaway dresses

We’ve seen more than our fair share of “cutaway” dresses this year, but we think this may be the first time we’ve seen ones where the cut-out sections are filled in with clear plastic: or what looks like it, anyway: This will obviously make navel-gazing easier than ever before, but we tend to prefer our navels NOT to be a focal point of our evening wear. It’s just a personal thing. What do you think of these? (Click here to buy them)

Evil Twin Cellmates stripe laddered knit maxi dress

Clothes Slasher strikes again! Evil Twin Cellmates maxi dress

It’s been all quiet on the Clothes Slasher front recently, and we thought perhaps this dangerous criminal had been apprehended, or given up his evil ways.  But no, it seems he has returned.  Sure, Evil Twin call this ‘laddered’ but we can see what’s really going on here. What else is going on here?  The peep-toe boots rule, that’s what. What do you think though?  Would you buy a ready-laddered knit dress?  Would you pay £100 for it?  If you would, then the Evil Twin Cellmates stripe laddered knit maxi dress (to give it its full mouthful of a title!) is available from ASOS.

JC de Castelbajac Bambi kaftan

Dress Like a Toddler: JC de Castelbajac Bambi kaftan

Yes, it’s a shapeless dress (or kaftan as Monsieur de Castelbajac would prefer) and yes, that is Bambi and the skunk printed on the front.  Want to dress like a toddler in Disney print?  Well here’s your chance.  This silk kaftan will set you back £475 but we’re not really sure where you would wear it.  It’s not appropriate as work wear and we can’t see it working in a bar or restaurant as evening wear. What do you think though?  Can you think of somewhere appropriate to wear it, and, even if you can think of somewhere, would you want to wear it?  If you would, you can buy it at ASOS.