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To Buy or Not to Buy: grey sundress from Miss Selfridge

Dress Fashion Police reader Carrie wrote to us with a shopping dilemma today, and we thought we’d share it with our readers, to give Carrie the benefit of a few different viewpoints…

Carrie writes…

Dear Fashion Police,

I’m looking for your advice on this grey dress from Miss Selfridge. I tend to live in jeans, and I want to stock up on some dresses for summer, but so far I haven’t been having much luck. I’m on the small side, so I really need something with a waist, or I look like I’m wearing a sack. The shape of this is just what I’m looking for, but I worried that the grey may be a bit too dull for summer? And also, the fact that it’s linen makes me think that it might just crush really easily. What do you think? It would just be for general wear, not for anything in particular. ~ Carrie


You know how sometimes there’s a store that you ignore for months, maybe years on end, and then suddenly you want to buy everything in it? For me right now, that store is Miss Selfridge. I’m totally loving their work, and I also love this dress, although I think I would prefer it if it was in a different colour.

That said, grey is an easy enough colour to wear, and you can "summer" this up with some more colourful accessories if you wanted to. As for the linen problem: well, it’s only 54% linen so it may not be too much of a problem. I think the best idea here would be to order it (or, better still, try it on if you have a store near you) and see what you think of the fabric in real life.

All of this said, my bias towards the shape means that I’m not totally impartial towards this dress, so I’m going to turn this one over to our readers…

What do you think, folks: Should Carrie buy this dress?

Do you have a "To Buy or Not to Buy" dilemma for The Fashion Police readers to solve? Email us with a link to the item and we’ll ask our readers to help you out…

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